Sex Abuse and Human Trafficking

You are not alone. Our legal team is here for you.

Before I reached out, I thought there was no hope for me. I felt so outnumbered but I was treated with the utmost respect, and made to feel like I mattered in the big scheme of things…You’re not alone, and there are people who can fight for you. These are those people.”

– P.A.

We help give a voice to those who have been silenced

Levin Simes Abrams are a majority women-owned and women-managed law firm that compassionately cares about our clients. A large part of our practice is focused on prosecuting sex abuse and human trafficking cases.

We hold abusers and their enablers accountable

We represent clients who have been victims of sexual abuse in foster care settings, schools, religious centers, and medical facilities. We work to hold institutions that enable abusers accountable. At Levin Simes Abrams, we provide a confidential safe space to discuss in depth all the legal options that are available to you.

We are dedicated to the fight against human trafficking

We pursue justice for victims against hotels and motels that have benefitted financially from their complicity in allowing human trafficking on site. We fight relentlessly to hold businesses liable for sexual exploitation that is perpetrated on their premises.

We fight for the rights of childhood sex abuse survivors

We help both child and adult survivors of sex abuse seek justice. Childhood sexual assault survivors experience lasting trauma that can include seriously debilitating effects on both their physical and mental health, often having to undergo years of costly treatment and therapy on the long road to recovery. Levin Simes Abrams works fastidiously to hold abuse-enabling institutions accountable by fighting for comprehensive compensation for survivors.

Begin your path toward justice with a powerful team beside you

If you or someone close to you has been a victim of sex abuse and/or human trafficking, contact our office today for a free and private consultation to learn more about your legal options. We’re here to help hold abusers and their enablers accountable through targeted, effective civil action. Call or text us at 1-415-426-3193, or email [email protected], or start a private chat here on the page.

Client Testimonial

“They really helped me get my peace of mind back…I recommend them! They work hard to help make things right.” – K.A.V.

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