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Levin Simes is located in San Francisco, CA. You may contact us 24/7 at (415) 426-3000 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your legal rights and options.

As national lead attorneys, Levin Simes has won billions in settlements against large companies in nationwide product litigation. Our women-led law firm is passionate about standing up to corporations to protect peoples’ rights.

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Are Consultations Free?

A consultation with our law firm is free and won’t cost you anything. During the consultation, one of our attorneys will sit down with you, hear about your legal issue, and provide initial thoughts on the matter at no charge to you. 

The consultation is also “obligation-free,” meaning you won’t be required to sign up for a lawsuit unless you decide to do so. Throughout the entire legal process, you will be in charge of all major decisions regarding your case.

What Should I Bring With Me to My Consultation?

When attending your initial consultation, it helps tremendously if you can bring certain documents and items related to your claim. Doing so will help us to provide you with more accurate input about your legal rights. 

We understand that you may be going through a challenging time after an injury, and it might not always be possible for your or your loved ones to gather every detail of information. However, it is always helpful if you can bring the following to the free initial consultation:

  • Medical records and hospital bills
  • Police reports
  • Pay stubs (for tracking lost wages)
  • Photos or video recordings of the accident
  • Any witness statements
  • Your written account of the accident and the events leading up to it

Don’t worry if you aren’t able to locate or bring every item listed here. It is our job, not yours, to prepare evidence for the case. When the time is appropriate, there will be a “discovery” period, where our legal team gathers and prepares all materials for litigation.

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