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Levin Simes serves as lead counsel in the Uber and Lyft Sexual Assault litigations fighting for survivors nationwide. Our firm has secured settlements for over 500 survivors and counting.

Groundbreaking litigation in cases involving:

Our nationally recognized attorneys have obtained over $3 billion for injury victims and have changed the way companies do business. Our women-led personal injury law firm is leading the charge in the fight to keep our communities safe and healthy. Call our experienced team of advocates at (415) 426-3000 for a free case evaluation.

What separates us is our aim in closing the gender gap and embracing the unique strengths of being led by women. We are proud to call ourselves trial lawyers: we give a voice to those who feel silenced and boldly face large companies and institutions that place profits before people.

About us

Paving the Way in the Fight Against Injustice

We are a majority women-owned and women-managed personal injury law firm in the Bay Area focusing on legal issues and claims that matter the most. We are selective in our battles and choose to do legal work that yields benefits beyond mere damage awards or settlement numbers.

Our team takes on cases in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationwide.

At Levin Simes, we hone in cases involving sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, and rideshare assault. We also pursue remedies in major areas of law like defective products, vaping injuries, and toxic exposure.

We consciously choose to take on these types of cases because we place a high value on:

  • ✅  Creating New Legal Precedent: There is not much legal precedent yet for many of the cases we handle. By forging ahead in these areas of law, we are laying the groundwork to help protect American citizens from future harm.
  • ✅  Protecting Our Communities: Issues like assault and dangerous product injuries have the potential to affect large portions of our communities at a time. One victory in court could potentially save the health and lives of thousands and thousands of people.
  • ✅  Changing Corporate Culture: Widespread sexual assault and consumer injuries often exist because large companies choose to place profits over people. By leveraging the law against such entities, we are effectuating change on a very large scale.
  • Our work helps ensure that offenders are prevented from harming others, and that dangerous products are removed from the stream of commerce.

If you or a loved one were injured or suffered harm or injustice due to another’s negligence, you may need the representation of experienced personal injury lawyers. Contact us at (415) 426-3000 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your legal rights.

Meet the team

Why Choose Levin Simes?

As legal professionals, we go above and beyond to ensure that your needs are supported at each step of the way. From the initial consultation to the final outcome of your case, we provide you with the resources, advice, and legal strategy needed to succeed on your claim.

Personal Attention

We provide each of our clients with the individual attention and priority they deserve. We devote our full passion, resources, and expertise to ensuring justice is served where it’s needed.

No Fees Unless We Succeed

We understand that those who have been injured will likely be facing heavy financial burdens. Unlike other law firms that charge fees regardless of the outcome, you don’t pay us a dime unless we succeed on your case.

Resources to Win

Our legal team combines the exclusivity of a niche operation with the staff and resources of a larger firm. This allows us to devote our full set of tools to support your case from intake through the conclusion of trial.

Proven Track Record

Our award-winning trial attorneys have obtained billions in compensation for injured victims and their families in settlements and verdicts. Our trailblazing work is consistently covered in news outlets, and our client testimonials show the level of satisfaction of those we serve.

Lawyer Referrals

Other lawyers have trust and confidence in our experience, litigation record, and trial skills—they consistently refer cases to us, knowing we do our best to maximize recovery for the clients.

Levin Simes in the News: The Face of Your Cause

As public-facing professionals, we understand how to inform the public about legal concerns while at the same time factoring in privacy, confidentiality, and sensitive matters. Our decades of experience means that we have established relationships with various news outlets and channels to inform the public when their health or safety may be in danger.

For our law firm, success doesn’t just mean winning a damages award or a settlement. We understand that the power of legal action also lies in raising awareness of the legal issues and conflicts that affect our daily lives.

Many Americans are negatively impacted by injuries, injustices, and unfairness without really understanding how or why. Pursuing legal action brings these issues to light and helps prevent further harm from happening to others. Entire movements can begin with a single court victory or a single product recall, and we will be there at every step of the way.

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We Focus on the Following Types of Personal Injury Claims:

Rideshare Sexual Assault Lawsuits (Uber/Lyft)

Sexual assault cases connected with rideshares like Uber and Lyft are on the rise. Our assault lawyers are working hard to ensure perpetrators are brought to justice, and that rideshare companies are doing their part to keep passengers safe.

Vape Explosion Injury Lawsuits

Vape devices and batteries can explode in the mouths or pockets of consumers, causing serious and even fatal injuries. Our lawyers are leading the way in filing lawsuits against manufacturers and sellers of such dangerous products.

Defective Drugs, Devices, & Products Lawsuits

American consumers should be safe from products that expose them to harm or injury. Our team of lawyers is experienced in handling cases involving dangerous drugs, defective devices, and product recalls.

Sexual Assault & Abuse Lawsuits

Our women-led legal team provides compassionate legal guidance and care for survivors of sex abuse, child sexual assault, and other related cases. A large part of our practice is focused on prosecuting sex offenders and creating safer environments in our communities.

Verdicts & Settlements: Case Victory Highlights

Our law firm has an extensive history of success in large trial verdicts and major settlement negotiations.

Our personal injury attorneys have collectively collected hundreds of millions on behalf of our clients, and have represented hundreds of families in key injury cases. As national lead attorneys and plaintiff steering attorneys, our team has recovered billions in settlements against large corporations.

  • Every case that our firm has successfully tried before a jury was led by a trial team consisting of at least one female attorney. As a women-led law firm, we are attuned to the special needs and requirements of our client base.

Since we selectively handle a small number of cases at any given time, our trial attorneys can be deeply involved in each case right from the beginning. The focus and determination our team exhibits in each case has resulted in milestone victories including: 

  • An $830 million mesh injury settlement, led by our team

  • A $208 million mesothelioma verdict — the largest on record in California

  • A $5.2 million verdict in connection with asbestos exposure

  • A $1.4 million verdict against a major tobacco company

We understand that the majority of legal issues settle without the need to undergo a full trial. However, we approach each case and prepare as if we are going to trial, which gives us the leverage and strategy needed to maximize the outcome for our clients.

While no amount of monetary assistance can ever undo the experience of an injury or assault, we believe that such awards help improve the quality of life for our clients. They also serve as deterrents for negligent actors that place their own interests above the safety and health of American citizens. 

What Our Clients are Saying

A.W. | Temple Hills, MD
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Got Me My Settlement Before I Expected It!

The law firm was awesome handling my case. They were very professional and understanding of what happened to me. They also got me my settlement before I expected it!!

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Could Not Have Been More Supportive

The team at Levin Simes LLP could not have been more supportive in handling my case. The entire process was smooth, professional, and done with the utmost respect. I am forever changed from this experience and it would not have happened without their help!”

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Highly Satisfactory Result For All

Levin Simes has done an exemplar job in handling our asbestos claim from both a business and personal perspective. Their diligence, competence and compassion combined to produce a highly satisfactory result for all members of our family during the difficult time of losing our father to this horrible disease.

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Extremely Grateful

I am extremely grateful for the handwork and dedication that Levin Simes LLP delivered, I couldn’t have handled this without them. They are professional and care about you! I highly recommend!

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Best Decision I Ever Made

Working with the attorneys from Levin Simes was the best decision I ever made. Everyone is so friendly and understanding. Thank you for all your hard work, Levin Simes LLP.

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