A woman charges her phone before contacting a California battery explosion accident lawyer. California Battery Explosion Accident Lawyer

California Battery Explosion Accident Lawyer

Lithium-ion batteries may present serious injury risks to consumers. Contact a California battery fire lawyer if you or a loved one were harmed in a battery explosion.  

Reports have linked lithium-ion batteries with major safety risks, including explosions, fires, and toxic fumes. While they boast benefits such as longer life and faster charging, their potential dangers may outweigh the technological advantages.

In recent years, there has been a huge surge in demand for lithium batteries in applications such as phones, laptops, and vapes. However, the increased demand, production, and consumption of such batteries has brought forth an upswing in lithium-ion battery explosion cases.

Since lithium-ion battery usage is here to stay, we can expect battery explosion-related injuries and property damage to continue rising. If you or a loved one were injured due to a defective battery product, you may be entitled to significant compensation for your losses.

At Levin Simes, our experienced battery explosion lawyers have the knowledge and resources to pursue justice on your behalf. Product defect cases can be complex, but your attorney will guide you through the process and ensure all requirements are met. Contact us online or call (415) 426-3000 to set up a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case.

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What Are Lithium-Ion Batteries?

Lithium-ion batteries have quickly surpassed traditional batteries in popularity for several reasons. Thanks to their utilization of lithium compounds for energy storage, they provide higher energy density and a longer lifespan than traditional batteries. 

Manufacturers have steadily increased the application of lithium-ion batteries since the 1990s because their characteristics make these batteries ideal for powering modern gadgets, such as: 

  • Consumer Electronics: Smartphones, vapes, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and digital cameras all contain lithium-ion batteries.
  • Electric Vehicles: Lithium-ion batteries have become the primary energy source for electric cars, hybrid vehicles, hoverboards, e-scooters, and e-bikes. 
  • Power Tools: Cordless power tools, like drills and saws, contain lithium-ion batteries. 
  • Medical Devices: Since lithium-ion batteries provide reliably long-lasting power, they are used in monitoring equipment, defibrillators, and pacemakers. 
  • Energy Storage Systems: Lithium-ion batteries are employed in systems to store renewable energy from solar and wind power sources.

However, traditional batteries, like AA batteries, consist of alkaline or zinc-carbon materials, making them better suited for household items, including remote controls, flashlights, and small appliances. 

Why Are Lithium-Ion Batteries Exploding?

While lithium-ion batteries power countless devices we lean on for entertainment, communication, travel, and more, they also harbor a troubling danger: the risk of explosion or fire. 

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, at least 25,000 fire or overheating incidents in lithium-ion batteries occurred in a five-year period.

A major factor contributing to lithium-ion battery explosions is their chemical composition, which consists of highly reactive materials. When damaged, the flammable materials in these batteries can undergo “thermal runaway.” 

Thermal runaway is a chain reaction where the battery’s internal temperature reaches an uncontrollable and critical level. This rapid increase in temperature triggers the breakdown of the battery’s electrolyte, releasing volatile fumes. If ignited, these fumes can fuel a fire or explosion. 

A few processes that can cause the battery to spiral out of control and result in thermal runaway include: 

  • Physical Damage: Any physical damage to the battery, such as punctures, cracks, or forceful impact, can trigger thermal runaway. 
  • Overcharging: Overcharging a lithium-ion battery can result in excessive heat, causing the battery to grow unstable and prone to catching fire. 
  • External Heat Sources: Exposure to external heat sources, such as direct sunlight or hot surfaces, can increase the risk of overheating and thermal runaway. 
  • Manufacturing Defects: Mistakes in the manufacturing process, including improper assembly of the battery, insufficient insulation, design defects, cheap materials, and the introduction of impurities, can jeopardize the safety of the battery. 

Has a defective lithium-ion battery harmed you? A California battery explosion accident attorney can support you in pursuing compensation for your injuries. 

Common Injuries Caused by Exploding Lithium-Ion Batteries

Many devices powered by lithium-ion batteries are typically kept in close proximity to the body. For example, we hold our smartphones near our faces, puff on e-cigarettes, commute on e-scooters and e-bikes, and carry laptops close in satchels. 

Therefore, lithium-ion battery fires can cause devastating injuries, such as: 

  • Severe burns, such as second- and third-degree burns
  • Hearing damage
  • Scarring
  • Lacerations
  • Hand injuries  
  • Respiratory issues
  • Head injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Dental damage
  • Death

The intense heat generated during lithium-ion battery incidents can cause severe burns, facial disfigurement, and tissue damage, necessitating skin grafts or reconstructive surgery to repair affected areas. These injuries surpass physical pain, often impacting a victim’s mental health and quality of life. 

The journey toward recovery for individuals who have endured lithium-ion battery explosions can be physically and emotionally draining, requiring ongoing medical care to remedy the visible and hidden scars left behind. 

Manufacturers and other parties should be held accountable for injuries caused by defective products. At Levin Simes, we have fought on behalf of several clients harmed by exploding batteries. Contact us online or call (415) 426-3000 to discuss how we can help you.

Examples of California Battery Fires

California is a large state, with plenty of consumers who have devices containing lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, a growing number of battery blazes have been plaguing the state in recent years. Below is a brief overview of the lithium-ion battery incidents terrorizing California:

  • The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department recently reported 32 fires linked to lithium-ion batteries since March 2024, compared to the 104 fires in 2023 and the 46 incidents in 2022. 
  • A lithium-ion battery fire forced a flight to return to California, with seven people suffering injuries. 
  • The San Francisco Fire Department announced 60 fires caused by lithium-ion batteries in 2022, including one death.
  • Five residents of a San Francisco high-rise were injured after a lithium-ion battery fire engulfed the complex in May 2023. 

These examples merely scratch the surface of lithium-ion battery fires in California, underlying the statewide concern over this considerable public safety hazard. 

What Compensation Can a California Battery Explosion Injury Attorney Recover for My Injuries? 

Lithium-ion battery incidents can range in severity. However, even a relatively minor accident can result in substantial injuries. It’s easy for medical expenses to quickly accumulate, but filing a claim can help you recover compensation for: 

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Emotional distress
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Lost wages and lost earning potential
  • Property damage 

It can be difficult to discern the full extent of the compensation you may be eligible for following an incident involving a defective lithium-ion battery. That’s why consulting a California battery explosion accident attorney can provide clarity and insight into how much you could secure. 

Settlements and Verdicts in California Lithium-Ion Battery Accidents

Victims of exploding lithium-ion batteries in California have already secured substantial compensation through settlements and verdicts. 

For example, a jury awarded a California woman badly burned by an electronic cigarette that she was charging in her lap $1.9 million in 2015. Jennifer Ries suffered second-degree burns on her buttocks, legs, and hands after plugging the VapCigs cigarette charger into her car. 

A battery explosion accident lawyer in California can improve your chances of achieving a positive resolution by advocating for you every step of the way and leveraging their knowledge to maximize your compensation.

How Can a California Battery Explosion Accident Lawyer Help with My Case? 

Individuals need to focus on their health and recovery in the aftermath of a lithium-ion battery fire. Attempting to navigate a lawsuit by yourself, especially following an event as shocking and traumatic as a battery explosion, is daunting.  

A lawyer can support you throughout the legal process, from initial consultation to case resolution, and offer you peace of mind by: 

  • Conducting investigations into the accident.
  • Gathering evidence.
  • Identifying the responsible parties, such as manufacturers, distributors, or retailers.
  • Negotiating on your behalf to secure a favorable outcome. 

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Defective lithium-ion batteries can result in gruesome and potentially life-long injuries. Whether it’s grappling with debilitating burns or worrying about long-term medical complications, the path to healing is demanding. 

A California battery explosion accident attorney can ease the stress of filing a lawsuit by managing all aspects of your claim. You can put your energy toward rest and recovery, knowing your case is in capable hands. 

Why Hire Levin Simes 

Hiring Levin Simes for your lithium-ion battery case assures you of knowledgeable representation backed by a proven track record of collecting hundreds of millions for our clients. 

As trial lawyers, we have the resources and experience to confront large corporations responsible for producing faulty lithium-ion batteries while taking a genuine interest in our clients’ well-being. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I File My California Lithium-Ion Battery Explosion Lawsuit?

It is important to file your claim sooner rather than later because your case is subject to the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is a time window that restricts the time you have to pursue legal action. A lawyer can evaluate your case and ensure you do not miss crucial filing deadlines.

Who Is Liable for a Lithium-Ion Battery Fire?

The battery’s designer, manufacturer, warning label producer, distributor of the battery, or seller of the product are among those potentially accountable for your injuries. A lawyer is instrumental in reviewing the details of your accident to ensure that you sue the correct party. 

What Is Product Liability?

Product liability refers to the legal responsibility of manufacturers, distributors, and sellers for any injuries caused by the products they put on the market. These entities owe a duty of care to prevent harm to consumers using their products. In this case, a lawyer can help demonstrate that the negligent actions of one of these parties resulted in a defective lithium-ion battery that caused your injuries.

How Long Will My Lithium-Ion Battery Case Take?

Factors such as the complexity of legal issues, the statute of limitations, the severity of your injuries, and the willingness of the parties involved to cooperate can all influence the duration of your claim. Consulting with an experienced California battery burn lawyer can provide insight into the timeframe of your claim, as each case is different.