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The lawyers at Levin Simes are proud to call themselves trial lawyers, meaning they have the experience and resources to stand up and fight large corporations to protect an individual’s rights. Because we handle a relatively small amount of cases at one time, our trial attorneys get involved in each individual case from the very beginning. As trial lawyers, we believe it is important to be involved in each case early on, and work up each case as if it were going to trial.

While many law firms continue to follow the traditional approach of being led by men, Levin Simes is a firm that proudly breaks with tradition.  Not only does Levin Simes seek to close the gender gap, our firm recognizes and embraces the unique strengths of being led by women, our firm is 75% female and attributes much of its success to this unique attribute.

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Our award-winning trial attorneys have obtained billions in compensation for injured victims and their families in settlements and verdicts. Judges and defense lawyers know we try cases and win. We have recovered billions for injured victims.

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Other lawyers have trust and confidence in our litigation and trial skills and have referred cases to us, knowing we will maximize recovery for the clients.

Women Led Law Firm

The women of Levin Simes lead both within the firm and in the courtroom. A recent study revealed that only 16 percent of multidistrict litigations (MDL) are led by women attorneys – leaving the world of MDLs largely dominated by male attorneys. This disproportionality of male attorneys existed even when the litigation involved harms that were only suffered by women as a result of transvaginal mesh products.

The women attorneys of our firms sought to change that. In 2013, Levin Simes attorneys were appointed co-lead counsel in the national litigation against American Medical Systems – one of the largest manufacturers of transvaginal mesh slings and prolapse kits. For the past four years, we fought for the thousands of women across the nation harmed by these defective products and sought to bring justice for the permanent complications these women were forced to suffer.

Laurel Simes leads our Lyft and Uber sexual assault litigations, where Levin Simes is co-lead counsel for national litigation coordinated in San Francisco, California for Lyft sexual assault survivors. Laurel has decades of trial experience to help lead the fight for survivors across the nation, and Levin Simes represents hundreds of survivors of sexual assault from Uber, Lyft, and institutions that have historically hidden their abuse.

Win Rate
When a trial team has a woman & a man
Win Rate
When a trial team is led by two men
Win Rate
When a trial team is led by a man

National Leaders

Studies have shown that trial teams with women are more successful and win more often than trial teams consisting of only male attorneys. Every case that the Levin Simes firm has successfully tried before a jury was led by a trial team consisting of at least one female attorney. This includes a $208 million dollar verdict – the 2nd largest personal injury verdict in the nation that year – achieved by founding partner, Laurel Simes, in a grueling 4-month trial against an asbestos cement pipe manufacturer.

The team at Levin Simes continues to fight for women’s rights against the manufacturers of defective products, having settled many cases and continuing to take new cases to trial. Laurel and the team continue to develop the litigation against manufacturers of talcum powder, which caused women to contract ovarian cancer.

National news coverage of Levin Simes can be seen here: Levin Simes in the news. Levin Simes has been covered by CNN, Bloomberg, ABC News, Vice, and more.

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