Rideshare Sexual Assault Lawyers

Rideshare Sexual Assault Lawyers

When Do You Need a Rideshare Sexual Assault Lawyer?

If you were harmed, harassed, or sexually assaulted on what should have been a saferide with Uber or Lyft, an experienced rideshare lawyer can help you reassert your rights.

Rideshare companies advertise themselves as neighborly conveniences. Drivers are able to make extra money on their own schedule, and riders can enjoy a friendly ride to their destinations—whether straight to the airport, out on the town, or home for the night.

However, if you are sexually assaulted or otherwise injured before, during, or as a result of a rideshare trip, you have the right to seek justice.

Levin Simes is headquartered in the Bay Area of California, and a national leader in rideshare, Uber, and Lyft sexual assault and harassment cases. Recognized by outlets like CNN, NPR, and NBC, our sole focus is making sure that those harmed by the careless oversight of rideshare companies know their voices matter under the law.

If you need to speak with a rideshare lawyer right away, you can contact us via our online contact form, confidential chat feature, or by calling our offices directly at (415) 426-3000. To learn more about rideshare, Uber, and Lyft sexual assault lawsuits, read on.

Is It Worth It to Sue Rideshare Companies for Sexual Assault Incidents?

For many of our clients, the answer is a resounding, “Yes, a rideshare lawsuit is worth it.” This response is due not only to the monetary compensation that attorneys from Levin Simes are able to achieve, but also because it returns their sense of power. No one can quantify the true value of standing up for yourself better than you can.

As far as the financial worth of a lawsuit, compensation could include coverage of:

  • Medical bills related to physical or psychological treatments
  • Lost wages and work opportunities due to your injuries or trauma
  • Pain and suffering resulting from both physical injuries and mental anguish or conditions (like PTSD or anxiety)
  • Punitive damages (aka “punishment” fees) charged to any potential wrongdoers and then rewarded to you
  • Wrongful death expenses for the surviving loved ones who lost someone due to a rideshare accident or assault

There are many tangible benefits that can come from lawsuits, including potentially life-saving reforms to safety practices and company policies.

A single rideshare lawsuit can also uncover other incidents as well and prevent other sexual assaults from happening. They can even reveal larger issues like institutional sexual assault.

If you’re ready to explore your legal options, reach out to Levin Simes at your earliest convenience by calling (415) 426-3000. They can help you determine whether you qualify for a rideshare sexual assault lawsuit.

What Should I Do if I Was Sexually Assaulted or Harassed by a Rideshare Driver?

The first priority after any sexual assault or harassment incident is to reach a safe place and call for help. It is always advised that you report the incident as soon as possible to a hospital or police station, and if that means calling a hotline, friend, or family member first to help you get there, then that is exactly what you should do.

You can contact an attorney as soon as you want after those first emergency steps. A lawyer can help:

  • Advise you of your right to speak, and also your right to stay silent
  • Speak to other parties on your behalf (either to protect your identity and/or so you don’t have to interact with the perpetrator)
  • Outline important pieces of evidence and documentation that should be preserved if possible
  • Gather the paperwork necessary (medical files, police reports, and rideshare internal information) so that you don’t need to reexperience the trauma each time
  • Identify all responsible parties and submit court documents to hold them accountable
  • File your lawsuit, see your case through to the end, and support you every step of the way with clear, consistent updates

There are deadlines associated with sexual assault, harassment, and personal injury cases in every state, meaning you may have as little as one year to file a lawsuit after the date of the incident. Your attorney from Levin Simes will meet each of these deadlines on your behalf so that your chance for justice doesn’t expire.

How Many Lawsuits Are There Against Uber?

CNN Business has described Uber Technologies Inc. as having a “never-ending stream of lawsuits” for years.Uber’s own internal safety reports list thousands of documented crimes, hundreds of rapes, and more than a few murders as well.

They have been ordered to pay hundreds of millions in court for transgressions like:

  • Wrongful death cases due to road collisions
  • Sexual assaults after failing to do thorough criminal background screenings
  • Data failures and over reaches that violate individuals’ privacy
  • Wage/benefit theft and equivalent behavior like misattributing full-time workers as contractors
  • False advertising in claiming that their background checks were “the gold standard” when they were actually inferior to those done for taxi drivers

Levin Simes has first hand experience dealing with large entities like Uber that need reform, as well as focused experience in Uber sexual assault cases. We can be reached directly at 415-426-3000 for representation.

How Many Lawsuits Are Against Lyft?

Similar to Uber’s self-reporting, Lyft regularly documents thousands of sexual assaults, though it insists that “serious” safety incidents are “statistically very rare.” That is not reassuring to anyone who has been sexually abused before, during, or after a Lyft ride. It also does not help heal the harm caused by incidents Lyft categorizes as:

  • Non-consensual kissing
  • Non-consensual touching
  • Non-consensual kissing of a sexual body part
  • Attempted non-consensual penetration
  • Non-consensual sexual penetration

Each of these categories describes an assault that can leave the survivor feeling violated, unsafe, and afraid for years afterward. If you are ready to speak with a Lyft sexual assault lawyer dedicated to confronting this exact situation, you can send us a message using our online contact form or start a private chat here on this page.

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Case Example: Rideshare Lawsuits May Prevent Repeat Offenders

In one case, an Uber driver was sentenced to 54 years to life for multiple sexual assaults and felonies perpetrated through his car and driving app platform. A jury convicted him of three rapes and a total of 13 felonies.

The prosecution revealed that the driver would follow intoxicated passengers into their homes, where he would sexually assault and also rob them. This occurred over a period of two years. Had he not been convicted, it is possible he may have continued his pattern of assaults indefinitely.

Filing a rideshare sexual assault lawsuit can help identify such perpetrators, punish them, and keep them from repeating their heinous acts. Thus, not only do such lawsuits help survivors find financial justice for their suffering, they also help to keep our communities safer and hold companies like Uber and Lyft accountable.  

Contact Levin Simes at (415) 426-3000 if you need to speak to a lawyer regarding a rideshare sexual assault incident. Our experienced attorneys are on hand to guide you through the legal process from start to finish.

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The team at Levin Simes LLP could not have been more supportive in handling my case. The entire process was smooth, professional, and done with the utmost respect. I am forever changed from this experience and it would not have happened without their help!”

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Contact an Experienced Rideshare Sexual Assault Attorney

Since their legalization, rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft have been embroiled in repeated legal battles involving a wide range of passenger safety issues—from car accidents to robberies and sexual assaults on passengers. They know there are safety problems with the way they operate, and they deserve to be held accountable for every injury they failed to guard against.

Why Hire Us for a Rideshare Sexual Assault Lawsuit?

You deserve justice. Levin Simes is a national law firm that is majority women-owned and women-managed. With decades of experience, we’ve represented hundreds of survivors after a rideshare assault, and have been nominated for national leadership in the Lyft Judicial Council Coordinated Cases (JCCP) in California, where our offices are headquartered.

Our attorneys can help assert your rights, ensure the perpetrator is removed permanently from the rideshare applications, and seek due compensation for the injuries and trauma you’ve endured. Contact us at (415) 426-3000 to start a free, confidential conversation about your options for recovery.

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Reaching out to a lawyer is the first step on your path towards recovering a better quality of life. At Levin Simes, we give our undivided attention to each client, and all communications are held in the strictest of confidence. We are on hand to guide you through the process and support you at every step of the way. Contact us by filling out the form or calling us directly at (415) 993-9989.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sue Uber or Lyft if the driver assaults you?

Yes, you can hold Uber, Lyft, and any other rideshare company accountable for failing to protect you from unfit employees. Companies have many options for improving consumer protection, including background checks, personal screenings, and proper training.

If you’re exposed to an unsafe driver because the rideshare companies were negligent when hiring, then they may be held responsible for the harm their actions or in actions caused.

Can I file a rideshare sexual assault lawsuit on behalf of my child?

Yes, you can. Levin Simes has direct experience working with minors and their parents to handle such difficult cases with the sensitivity they deserve.

We are here to support both you and your child through the entire legal process. We deeply respect the strength that parents and caregivers have in nurturing a young person through such an inexcusable hardship.

What if a rideshare assault happened while I was drunk?

When inebriated, the correct course of action for everyone’s safety generally is to take a cab or rideshare home. You were exactly where you were supposed to be, and if you were assaulted or taken advantage of during that time, you have every right to take legalaction.

You being intoxicated isn’t an excuse for an assault in a bar, on a college campus, or at an office party. The same is true in an Uber or Lyft rideshare vehicle, and our attorneys will help make that clear as we handle your case.

How long do I have to decide on filing a rideshare lawsuit?

Depending on the type of incident (theft, harassment, assault), you could have as little as one year to file a lawsuit. Levin Simes is based in California, where fortunately the deadlines associated with sexual assault crimes have been recently extended from three years to 10 years—a full decade.

We encourage you to contact us at 415-426-3000 as soon as possible for specific advice on your circumstances, and to file a case before your window for justice closes.