What Is Safer, an Uber, a Lyft, or a Taxi?

By Levin Simes
May 2, 2023
If you have been injured or harassed while utilizing a rideshare service, a rideshare attorney may be able to help you bring a lawsuit and recover for damages.

Rideshare services such as Uber, Lyft, and Taxis have made transportation much easier. However, utilizing these services is not without risk. If you have been injured while utilizing rideshare services an attorney can help you bring a lawsuit for damages. 

Levin Simes is a female-led law firm based in the Bay Area of California with years of experience in rideshare litigation and personal injury litigation. If you or someone you know has been injured while using a rideshare service, you may have ground for a lawsuit. Contact our firm online or by calling our offices at (415) 426-3000. Our experienced rideshare attorneys are here to help you navigate the legal system and achieve justice. 

Which Is Safer: Uber and Lyft vs. Taxi Safety

Consumers have valid concerns when it comes to the safety of rideshare services and taxis. Car accidents can happen–even while using a rideshare or taxi service. Women especially have major concerns when it comes to using rideshare services safely. Statistically, women experience more harassment and sexual assault while using rideshare and taxi services. Despite claims that rideshare services have more demanding screening processes than traditional taxi cab drivers, 

Uber & Lyft Safety 

While Uber and Lyft are both large companies, the rideshare service itself is operated by individual drivers who are classified as independent contractors. Women are especially at risk when it comes to experiencing sexual assault and harassment while using rideshare services. According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network), about 90% of sexual assaults are reported by women

Both Uber and Lyft have come under scrutiny for the increase in assaults of passengers–especially female passengers. Both corporations have attempted to address these issues by including new safety features in the app. One such feature is an in-app emergency button that can be used to call the police or the authorities. 

Ubers and Lyfts are operated by independent contractors who utilize their own vehicles. This may mean that some vehicles are not always maintained properly. Uber and Lyft both require vehicles to meet certain standards of reliability and cleanliness. However, the lack of inspections means that sometimes, these thresholds are not properly met. When vehicle maintenance is disregarded, Lyft and Uber accidents can occur.

Taxi Safety 

Taxis are usually owned by large companies and corporations. Most taxis are equipped with two-way radios that enable the driver to talk to their dispatcher. This feature will also give drivers the ability to find out about developing traffic patterns or road conditions in real -time. 

Because taxi cabs are usually company owned, they receive regular vehicle checks and maintenance. Ubers and Lyfts are required to receive maintenance too, however, the frequency may be very different. Additionally, taxi cab companies are required to keep detailed service records while independent Uber and Lyft drivers are not. 

Taxi cab companies are part of an established industry that has existed for decades. This means there is protocol and procedures in place that have been carefully designed to protect passengers. 

Using both rideshare services and taxis come with unique risks. Women are much more likely to face harassment while using either service. Being aware and using safety precautions can help keep you safe. In the event that an injury has occurred, a rideshare attorney may be able to help you establish a legal claim. 

How Can an Uber, Lyft, Taxi, or Rideshare Attorney Help Me? 

If you have faced harassment, sexual assault, or assault while utilizing a rideshare service, a rideshare lawyer may be able to help you file a lawsuit for damages. Damages are monetary proceeds awarded by the court intended to restore the receiving party to their status before the injury. A rideshare lawsuit can help you recover:

  • Medical expenses 
  • Ongoing medical costs and costs of therapy
  • Lost wages 
  • Loss of future wages 
  • Pain and suffering or punitive damages

Your rideshare lawsuit and the damages that you may receive will depend on many factors. Damages will be awarded according to the unique facts and circumstances surrounding your case.

What Is the Difference Between Rideshare Services and Taxis? 

Rideshare services and traditional taxi cab services are different in a variety of ways. Uber, and other rideshare services such as Lyft, operate through apps that help connect passengers with their drivers. Taxis are regulated vehicles that operate for hire. Passengers can hail a cab by flagging them down in the street or by calling a taxi dispatch center. 

Uber and Lyft’s model allows prices to fluctuate and increase at key travel times while Taxis have set rates. 

One of the main ways in which Uber, Lyft, and Taxis differ is through regulation and safety. While both rideshare services and taxis are regulated by local authorities, some have claimed that the screening process for Uber and Lyft drivers is not as strict as those imposed on traditional taxi cab drivers. 

Both Uber and Lyft require that their drivers pass a certain level of background checks, have at least a one-year driving record, carry car insurance, and adhere to community guidelines. 

However, taxi cab drivers in California must undergo a much more rigorous vetting process, including comprehensive background checks, fingerprinting, yearly licensing updates, and a written exam.

If you have been injured because of a rideshare service or taxi cab assault, reach out to the personal injury attorneys at Levin Simes. Contact us online or by calling our offices at (415) 426-3000. We are standing by to help you begin the legal process.

How to Stay Safe During an Uber, Lyft, or Taxi Ride

Millions of people utilize Uber and Lyft every day. If you often use rideshare services or taxi cab services, utilizing simple steps can keep you safe. Safety tips for staying safe during a ride include:

  • Sharing your location with others 
  • Making sure you stay alert and aware of your surroundings
  • Paying attention and making sure that your driver does not deviate from your requested route
  • Confirming your driver’s identity, car license plate, vehicle make, and model before you get into the car
  • Calling 911 if you begin to feel unsafe 

You have a right to safe and reliable transportation. If you have been injured while utilizing a rideshare service like Lyft or Uber, you may be able to bring a lawsuit for damages. Your lawsuit could give you the financial means to recover and heal from your injuries in peace and hold responsible parties accountable. 

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney 

Rideshare accidents are an unfortunate part of utilizing both taxicabs and rideshare services. However, if you have been assaulted or harassed while using such a service, you do not have to remain silent. The lawyers at Levin Simes have years of experience in rideshare litigation and will ensure that you and your family are properly represented and have the best chance of success. 

Collectively, the team of attorneys at Levin Simes has collected more than 500 million dollars in settlements for their clients. They will work tirelessly for you and your claim. Contact the law firm of Levin Simes online or by calling our offices at (415) 426-3000. Our experienced attorneys are standing by to help you seek justice.

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