Electric Scooter Accidents and Ebike Accidents

By Levin Simes
October 31, 2018

Electric Scooter and Ebike Accidents

With the return of app-based electric scooter rentals to San Francisco and the proliferation of electric scooters and bikes across the Bay Area and throughout the country, officials are reporting increasing numbers of accidents involving electric bikes and scooters.  These accidents are typically caused in one of two ways: (1) the rider is negligent, or (2) the device itself is defective.  If you’ve been injured in an accident involving an electric bike or scooter, contact the lawyers at Levin Simes LLP to find out if you have a case against Jump, Lime, Bird, Skip, or Scoot.

How to avoid injury on a electric scooter

Some companies are attempting to address rider negligence by offering training courses and videos, but many riders don’t follow the basic rules of the road.  From the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority, riders should:

  • Drive in the bike lane or on the street, not the sidewalk!
  • Drive only on streets with posted speed limits of 25 mph.
  • Park in a designated docking station or near the curb, and do not block access for pedestrians or people with disabilities.
  • Not block bus stops, disabled parking spaces, trash cans, fire hydrants, or more!
  • Wear helmets!

Riders who fail to follow these rules cause accidents that have immediate and life-changing consequences.  Get help from the experienced attorneys of Levin Simes LLP if you’ve been injured by a negligent Jump, Bird, Lime, Skip or Scoot rider.

Are scooter companies such as Skip or Scoop liable for an injury on a scooter?

App-based electric vehicles can malfunction in some of the following ways, and the company may be liable.

  • Tire Malfunction: tires can be worn or low on air, which can lead to problems steering.
  • Handlebars Broken or Bent: the handlebars can become broken or bent, which makes it hard for the rider to operate the scooter or bike safely.
  • Battery Malfunction: batteries are not properly maintained and can stop working or overheat.
  • Defective Electronics: the software and hardware need regular maintenance, and failure to maintain these devices can lead to problems with unintended acceleration, stopping, and many more dangerous conditions.

Who is responsible after a scooter injury accident?

Who is responsible for an injury after a scooter accident will vary depending on the facts of the case.  The rider of the scooter, the scooter company, a driver of a car or truck involved in the accident, a pedestrian and anyone else involved all have responsibilities and duties in public to prevent accidents and injuries. To discuss a scooter injury with a scooter lawyer, contact us.

Electric Scooter Injury Lawyer

Electric scooter and bike companies are supposed to maintain their devices to make sure they’re safe for riders and the public.  Yet an accident caused by a defective electric bike or scooter can have devastating outcomes.  If you’ve been injured as a result of a defective ebike or electric scooter, contact the attorneys at Levin Simes LLP to find out if you have a case against the apps Jump, Lime, Bird, Scoot or Skip. Email us at info@levinsimes.com, or call 415-426-3000.

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