A woman standing with her suitcase and reading about Uber sexual assault on her phone.Uber Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Rape

Uber Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Rape

You are not alone. Learn how women are taking action.

Why Do You Need an Uber Sexual Assault and Harassment Lawyer?

Survivors of sexual assault have options. We are attorneys that can help you through the ordeal, both legally and personally. We can not only protect your rights , but also help ensure the assaulter is never allowed to drive or ride in an Uber again.

If you have experienced sexual assault or harassment while using Uber's services, contacting a rideshare assault attorney can help you take back your power. An experienced Uber sexual assault and harassment lawyer can provide critical legal guidance and support to help you seek justice and compensation for your damages.

How Can You Speak to an Uber Sexual Assault Lawyer?

To review the facts of your incident with an attorney, free of charge, contact us by calling (415) 426-3000 or emailing info@levinsimes.com for a private consultation. LevinSimes is a women-led law firm at the forefront of rideshare litigation — we will meet you with compassion and help demystify the legal process and all you may be entitled to under the law.

What Kind of Settlement Can You Obtain With an Uber Sexual Assault Lawsuit?

While each case is different and damages will depend on various factors, filing an Uber sexual assault lawsuit can help you recover many costs and losses, including:

●      Costs of medical treatment

●      Ongoing rehabilitation and therapy expenses

●      Lost wages due to missing work

●      Loss of the ability to generate wages in the future

●      Pain and suffering damages

●      Other expenses caused by the assault

If you or a loved one were sexually assaulted in connection with an Uber ride, you have every right to seek justice. Filing a claim can help you obtain the financial recompense needed for your recovery , whether that means professional help, or affording a move to be closer to your emotional support group of family or friends.

Help Yourself, Help Others

An Uber sexual assault or harassment lawsuit can help expose and uncover instances of abuse, and may prevent other assaults in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (415) 426-3000 to learn your legal rights and options.

What Inappropriate Behavior Qualifies for an Uber Sexual Harassment Lawsuit?

An Uber Safety report from one recent year broke down sexual assaults into the following sub-categories:

●      Non-consensual sexual penetration

●      Attempted Non-consensual sexual penetration

●      Non-consensual kissing of sexual body part

●      Non-consensual touching of a sexual body part

●      Non-consensual kissing of a non-sexual body part

The report has categorized these assaults in such a way as to not include all categories of crimes.

Please Note: These categories and descriptions are how Uber categorized assaults in their report, Levin Simes does not use this system to categorize assaults. We have multiple disagreements with this structure, but this is how the data was structured and released. If you are a survivor and wish to discuss your options with us, please reach out to us at (415) 426-3000 or info@levinsimes.com.

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Sexual Assault Categories as Defined by Uber:

What Does an Uber Sexual Assault Lawyer Do For Your Case?

An Uber sexual assault attorney can provide services like:

  • Gathering evidence: Your lawyer can work to gather evidence such as witness statements, medical records, and police reports that can support your claim and help to establish liability on the part of the driver and the Uber Technologies corporation.
  • Building a strong case: With the evidence gathered, your lawyer then uses their legal training to build a strong case that supports your compensation demand. We can also represent you in court and negotiate directly with Uber’s legal team or insurance representatives to obtain a fair settlement as quickly as possible.
  • Protecting your rights and reputation: Your lawyer can ensure that your legal rights are protected throughout the legal process, including blocking inappropriate investigations into your personal life. We can also help you navigate any attempts at defamatory arguments made by the opposing party.

An Uber sexual assault lawyer can serve as a critical buffer between you and the triggering memories of the assault you survived. Securing justice should not retraumatize you by causing additional distress — our attorneys are your frontline warriors against opposing counsel and the perpetrator who harmed you.

Bold Representation, No Backing Down

As seen in CNN, Bloomberg, Vice, Good Morning America, CBS News, Buzzfeed, NPR, NBC, The Verge, TechCrunch, Axios, The Guardian, Business Insider, Reuters, and the Huffington Post, Levin Simes is leading the fight nationally on behalf of Uber assault survivors.

Levin Simes represents hundreds of survivors of rideshare sexual assault, rideshare sexual, harassment, and rideshare physical assault along with our work for other forms of sexual abuse. Our lawyers have experience in harassment, assault, and Uber rape cases. Reach out to us by calling (415) 426-3000 to learn your options and take back control

Contact Experienced Uber Sexual Assault Attorneys

Rideshare companies promise safety and convenience in your transportation options. When they fail to protect you from stepping into a car with a sexual predator, you have the right to sue for justice.

Why Hire Levin Simes for Your Case?

Levin Simes is a majority female-managed and majority female-staffed law firm. With years of experience in the relatively new field of Uber, Lyft, and rideshare assault cases, we have a unique track record of success helping individuals just like you.

Contact us at (415) 426-3000 for a free and private legal consultation. Uber and Lyft’s negligent hiring practices and incomplete background checks on drivers have created vulnerabilities for sexual and/or physical assault on passengers — they must be held accountable. More importantly, you deserve to have your voice heard and your losses compensated to the fullest extent.

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The law firm was awesome handling my case. They were very professional and understanding of what happened to me. They also got me my settlement before I expected it!!

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Could Not Have Been More Supportive

The team at Levin Simes LLP could not have been more supportive in handling my case. The entire process was smooth, professional, and done with the utmost respect. I am forever changed from this experience and it would not have happened without their help!”

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Highly Satisfactory Result For All

Levin Simes has done an exemplar job in handling our asbestos claim from both a business and personal perspective. Their diligence, competence and compassion combined to produce a highly satisfactory result for all members of our family during the difficult time of losing our father to this horrible disease.

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I am extremely grateful for the handwork and dedication that Levin Simes LLP delivered, I couldn’t have handled this without them. They are professional and care about you! I highly recommend!

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Working with the attorneys from Levin Simes was the best decision I ever made. Everyone is so friendly and understanding. Thank you for all your hard work, Levin Simes LLP.

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Reaching out to a lawyer is the first step on your path towards recovering a better quality of life. At Levin Simes, we give our undivided attention to each client, and all communications are held in the strictest of confidence. We are on hand to guide you through the process and support you at every step of the way. Contact us by filling out the form or calling us directly at (415) 993-9989.

We never settle for less.
Why should you?

Reaching out to a lawyer is the first step on your path towards recovering a better quality of life. At Levin Simes, we give our undivided attention to each client, and all communications are held in the strictest of confidence. We are on hand to guide you through the process and support you at every step of the way. Contact us by filling out the form or calling us directly at (415) 993-9989.

Frequently Asked Questions

How common is sexual assault in Uber?

There were 5,981 sexual assault cases reported to Uber in one recent year. While both drivers and passengers were assaulted,the majority of survivors were passengers assaulted by drivers.

Uber states in their safety reports that because they can only tally what is reported to them, the actual number of sexual assaults may be much greater than the ~6,000 described.

What if I was sexually harassed in an Uber?

Sexual harassment is wrong and illegal. You do not have to be physically touched to be the survivor of a crime, and other crimes beyond sexual assault and rape can occur in an Uber ride, including false imprisonment and kidnapping.

Our firm represents survivors of rape, sexual assault, physical assault, sexual harassment, attempted kidnapping, and other crimes. Contact us at (415) 426-3000 and we will help you through this difficult time.

What are Uber mediation and arbitration?

Originally, by agreeing to the Terms of Use with Uber, passengers agreed to resolve any claim that they may have had against Uber on an individual basis in arbitration. Mandatory mediation and arbitration mean disputes and claims must be settled privately, out of court, and often favors corporations over individuals who’ve been harmed.

Previously, Uber used these terms to force injured women to settle cases in mandatory arbitration. Fortunately, Uber announced they would drop terms of service restricting survivors of sexual assault from filing lawsuits. Uber’s Chief Legal Officer Tony West wrote they “will no longer require mandatory arbitration for individual claims of sexual assault or sexual harassment by Uber riders, drivers or employees.”

Survivors now have the ability to choose for themselves. Levin Simes can protect your name and ensure any complaint filed in a lawsuit uses an anonymous name, so the facts of your case do not become public.

What is Uber’s history with background checks and safety?

In recent history, Uber’s negligent hiring practices and insufficient background checks on drivers have created opportunities for sexual and physical assault. Uber settled a lawsuit filed by the District Attorneys of Los Angeles and San Francisco in 2015 for $25 million, for what the government asserted were false and misleading statements regarding safety. They are now adding features such as in-app 911 calling to try and turn around a history of lax safety. 

Since their inception, rideshare services have existed in a legal gray area since these companies are not subject to the same strict standards as their “common carrier” (e.g. taxi cab) counterparts. Both Uber and Lyft have been embroiled in legal battles from car accidents due to distracted drivers using apps to sexual assaults on passengers.