JUUL Went to Schools to Tell Kids JUUL is "Totally Safe"

By Levin Simes
July 25, 2019

JUUL Tells Underage Children at School JUUL is “Totally Safe”

Two students testified before Congress today in Washington D.C. that JUUL Labs sent representatives to their school to tell them about vaping.

One student testified JUUL Labs joined a “mental health and addiction seminar”, and told students including those already addicted to vaping that JUUL was “totally safe”.

When asked about the effects of nicotine because a minor friend used nicotine, the representative told the student they should tell their friend to try JUUL.

JUUL Labs claims it was part of a now ended “Education and Youth Prevention” campaign it called “misconstrued”. Congresswoman Raja Krishnamoorthi used different language, calling it “very disturbing behavior, to say the least”.

JUUL Labs Targeted Minors With Advertisements

Children describing school time spent with JUUL representatives was only one item discussed at congressional hearings this week, JUUL Labs was also asked questions regarding youth targeted advertising campaigns.

JUUL Labs initial marketing efforts included giving devices away to social media influencers and flashy advertisements of young models using or holding the product. The marketing campaign to appeal to young users was called by JUUL’s co-founder a “misstep”.

Rep. Mark DeSaulnier told JUUL: “You sir, are an example to me of the worst of the Bay Area. You don’t ask for permission, you ask for forgiveness. You’re nothing but a marketer of a poison, and your target is young people.”

Is JUUL Bad For You?

Despite vaping companies and resellers claiming vaping is “totally safe”, the risks of vaping seen from studies frequently matches traditional cigarettes. These short term studies have turned up similar levels of inflammation markers, potential changes to cellular DNA that leads to cancer, and changes to the cardiovascular system and lungs believed to lead to damage and disease over time.  Long term studies in humans are lacking due to devices being new to market.

A study in mice who vaped found lung damage similar to cigarette smoke. A longer study in mice meant to mimic 20 years in humans found damage and hardening to veins and arteries similar to cigarette smoke exposed mice. Cardiovascular death accounts for as many deaths from smoking as cancer. Vapers had nearly double the heart attack risk of non-smokers.

Lung cancer is only attributed with a minority of deaths from lung cancer, the majority come from a combination of cardiovascular, pulmonary, and other diseases. With evidence rising that these risks are not eliminated by a switch to vaping, scientific estimates of long term health risks from JUUL are rising. Vaping is NOT “totally safe”.

Smoking deaths - vaping and JUUL health risks - vaping causes death
Deaths from smoking per year – vaping under investigation for similar cardiovascular, pulmonary and other risks.

Popcorn Lung from JUUL

We have spoken with families with children on medication to fix lung conditions caused by JUUL. Their doctors describe the condition as caused by JUUL. JUUL’s statement to children at school that JUUL is “totally safe” is at odds with ongoing scientific research and the stories of thousands of parents around the country.

If you or a loved one has a diagnosed lung condition from vaping, talk to the attorneys at Levin Simes. Vaping in children has also lead to severe gum disease and tooth loss.

You can read more on popcorn lung here.

JUUL Side Effect Lawyer

If someone in your family has been injured by a vape device, or a child has become addicted to nicotine after vaping JUUL, contact a JUUL attorney. We can be reached at (415) 426-3000, info@levinsimes.com or you can reach out and chat with us online. We hope to hear from you soon.

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