Juul Settles Over 5,000 Lawsuits for Consumers, Governments, and Tribes

By Levin Simes
December 16, 2022
Vape company Juul has settled over 5,000 lawsuits relating to about 10,000 plaintiffs. Attorneys at Levin Simes played a key role on the Plaintiffs Steering Committee regarding this multi-district victory.

Three months exactly after Juul Labs, Inc. agreed to pay over $438 million to 33 U.S. states (and Puerto Rico) over youth marketing and deceptive marketing claims, another settlement has been reached. Juul has agreed to an undisclosed sum to settle over 5,000 lawsuits originating across the United States, and impacting roughly 10,000 individual plaintiffs.

At Levin Simes, our attorneys have a dedicated focus on vape and e-cigarette litigation, including participation in the steering committee associated with this breaking news. Steering committee members manage the general course of operations and decide on the order of business of the organization. In the case of Juul, that involves prioritizing consumer rights, reducing harm from vaping, and compensating the individuals and families harmed by Juul products.

Juul has reached settlements with multiple states and still faces lawsuits brought by other states, tribal nations, and individual consumers. If you have a claim against Juul or other e-cig and vaping companies, contact Levin Simes at (415) 480-7448 to explore your options.

For more information about recent settlements with Juul, read on.

What Does This Settlement Mean for Plaintiffs?

While specific financial terms were not disclosed, the four settlements reached in these bellwether trials resolve matters related to personal injury like consumer class action claims, government entity cases, and tribal suits. This includes meaningful compensation to those who’ve suffered injuries such as nicotine addiction, lung damage, and other vape-related harms.

Funds from the settlements will go to:

  • Consumer class action plaintiffs to refund their purchases of Juul products
  • Government entities to provide school, city, and country resources to combat youth nicotine addiction
  • Native American tribes to provide similar health-related community initiatives

These settlements span over 8,500 personal injury cases, 1,400 government entity cases, and 34 tribal cases. If approved, a settlement administrator will be appointed and the process will begin to alert consumers that they are eligible to participate in the formal claims process.

A separate claims process will begin for the personal injury, government entity, and tribal settlements.

“These settlements will put meaningful compensation in hands of victims and their families, get real funds to schools for abatement programs, and help government and tribal entities prevent youth use of e-cigarettes across the U.S.”— Sarah R. London, co-lead counsel for plaintiffs in the multi-district litigation (MDL)

Why Was Juul Sued by Consumers?

Issues with Juul’s products and business practices include:

  • The targeted marketing of children and teens for vape products that can damage their lungs, foster addiction habits, and lead to later nicotine use and abuse
  • Misinformation or lack of information regarding health consequences of vaping, including studies on the flavor oils and plastics used in vape cartridges
  • Other e-cigarette injuries such as battery explosions, burns and fire risks, and the dangers associated with cross-brand use of cartridges and e-cig parts

Ongoing litigation with Juul includes a ban on U.S. sales of Juul from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and internal issues with investors that have led Juul to consider chapter 11 bankruptcy.

When Should You File a Lawsuit Against Juul and Other Vape Companies?

If you have been injured by a vape product personally, or your family member or child has been injured, you should contact experienced vape injury lawyers at Levin Simes right away at (415) 480-7448. The deadline for filing most personal injury suits in California (and many other states) is 2 years from the date of the injury.

The multi-district settlements reached with Juul include a class action decision that will allow consumers to be refunded for Juul purchases at a future date. However, for those who have medical bills related to Juul product injury, you may have ongoing costs like addiction treatment. You may have experienced other losses, like missed work due to injuries or legal matters. Your unique case could be handled separately to ensure you and your family are fully and fairly compensated.

Contact Experienced Vape Injury Lawyers

Vaping and non-tobacco e-cigarette products were presented to consumers as “healthy” alternatives to traditional smoking. They’ve been marketed directly and aggressively to children without a full understanding of the physical and psychological side effects of vaping. You can help hold Juul and other vaping companies accountable by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

If you need to speak with an experienced attorney about Juul injuries, e-cigarette damages, or other issues regarding defective vape products, we are ready to help. Contact us online for a free, confidential consultation, or call our San Francisco offices directly at (415) 480-7448. Explore your legal options before the deadlines associated with your case run out.

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