Vape Battery Fire

Vape batteries can catch fire or explode, causing serious injuries and in multiple cases death.

What Should You Do After a Vape Battery Fire?

A vape battery – whether in a mod device, battery charger, or in your pocket – can reach a runaway temperature if overheated.  Once a battery is overheated, a chemical reaction that begins within the lithium based battery will begin, and it will continue until there is either a vape fire or an explosion.  A vape battery fire is dangerous in and of itself –  but if the vape battery explodes in your pocket – or worse yet, in your mouth – serious bodily injuries can occur. If your battery has been overheated or damaged, dispose of the battery immediately and safely to ensure it does not start a fire or explode. You cannot wait for an overheated battery to cool and continue to use it safely; once it has been damaged it must be disposed of and never again used.

When Do You Need a Vape Burn Lawyer?

Manufacturers are obligated to design and sell vape mod and batteries that perform safely when used in a reasonably foreseeable manner.   Many manufacturers sold devices knowing their products could be used in a manner which would be unsafe and could lead to serious injury  Levin Simes Abrams represents vape users who have been injured by faulty designs and inadequate warnings.

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What Happens When a Vape Battery Malfunctions?

Vape fires can occur when there is a malfunction in the battery.  The vape battery can fail if the battery discharges for too long, thereby causing the battery to overheat.   The vape battery can also catch fire when the vaporizer mod draws power beyond the safe range of the battery, similarly causing it to overheat. Other causes of vape fires include:  overcharging a rechargeable battery; using a battery charger supplying the wrong amount of power;  use of a vape pen with inadequate airflow to release heat; and use of mod or vape with no locking mechanism to prevent accidental firing.  The battery can also accidentally be discharged by having a short within a device or placing a loose battery against metal objects.

The resulting fire or explosion occur almost two out of three times when in use or when in a pocket, resulting in serious injuries and burns.

E-Cig Vape Explosion Incident Chart

Vape and JUUL Lawyer

If you have suffered a serious vape injury or a family member has a serious vape addiction, contact the vape lawyers at Levin Simes Abrams. We investigate cases of vaping lung injury, vaping lung infection, vape mod battery fire, seizure from vaping, stroke from vaping, heart attack caused by vaping, and addiction in minors and young adults. Contact us at 415-426-3000, [email protected], or through this page.



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