E-Cig Vape Mod Construction

What Is Included in Vape Mod and E-Cig Parts?

An e-cig, vape or mod is made of these parts:

  1. Mouthpiece
  2. Cartridge (tank)
  3. Heating element (atomizer)
  4. Microprocessor [in digital devices]
  5. Mechanical switch [in mechanical devices]
  6. Battery
  7. LED Light [for effect]

Electronic Cigarette & Vape Mod Parts Inforgraphic

Parts of an Electronic Cigarette

Parts of an Electronic Cigarette / Vape Mod

Mechanical mod vaporizers are products sold to consumers as intentionally modifiable. They are frequently referred to as a mech mod or mech mod vape. The word mod is in reference to the many designs that can be modified by adding, removing or replacing individual components. Consumers are instructed to mix and match various components in these mech mod vapes, from batteries to heating elements and switches to change the behavior of their devices. Unfortunately, these changes also alter the power consumption and draw of the device, and many combinations of parts can result in battery failure or explosion.

How Can You Contact an E-Cig Battery Explosion and Vape Explosion Lawyer?

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