Vaping Doubles Risk of Heart Attacks

Last Updated April 27, 2022

Vaping Doubles Risk of Heart Attack

A new article in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine titled “Association Between Electronic Cigarette Use and Myocardial Infarction” publishes the results of a study assessing the relative risk of heart attacks among various groups, including vapers and non-smokers.

The researchers used National Health Interview Surveys (NHIS) from 2014 and 2016 to look at cross sections of the public. Survey responses were then sorted into various categories, including cigarette and e-cigarette/vape use. Both cigarette users and e-cigarette/vape users were discovered to have additional health risks compared to non-smokers.

Daily Vape Users – 179% Risk of Heart Attacks

The NHIS data shows that daily vape users have a 179% chance of having a heart attack compared to non-smokers, or nearly double the risk.  For every five (5) heart attacks that occurred in similar populations of non-smokers, nine (9) heart attacks had occurred in the population of vapers and daily e-cigarette users.

Vaping Risk of Injury

Vaping may not just add to your risk of heart attacks. Vaping may also cause changes in your cells that can leader to cancer, and vaping devices are frequently designed without safety considerations.  Vape battery explosions have also lead to many injuries.

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