Uber Says this Time will be Different Regarding Rideshare Assault and Safety

By Levin Simes
June 7, 2018

New Features After Assault and Harassment

Uber sent an email to its users alerting them of new safety features available in the Uber app, as well as reiterating their plan to improve safety.  This comes only after a CNN investigation into public court documents revealed over 100 cases of passengers assaulted and sexually assaulted by Uber drivers.

Uber’s Belated Concern for Passenger Safety

Upon the public learning of the pervasive assaults by Uber drivers on passengers, Uber finally implemented new app features intended to promote passenger safety.  There is a new “safety center” menu with the Uber app containing multiple items including:

  • 911 calling
  • Driver screening information
  • Insurance information
  • Community guidelines

Lobbying Efforts Against Background Checks

As reported previously by Levin Simes, Uber lobbied and promoted model language for states to allow rideshare drivers to skip fingerprint checks and other thorough background checks. The rideshare giant previously settled with L.A. and S.F. cities after District Attorneys for these large California cities sued Uber for misleading safety statements.

Uber’s success in lobbying for weaker background checks and private third party background checks resulted in hiring thousands of convicts to drive passengers.

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