Uber Reveals 6,000 Sexual Assaults Reported in U.S. Over 2 Years

By Levin Simes
December 7, 2019

Uber Sexual Assault

Uber revealed data for 2017-2018 showing 5,981 reported sexual assaults involving unwanted kissing, touching of sexual body parts, attempted rape or rape in the United States.

Uber did not release data on other reported forms of sexual assault, such as groping a non-sexual body part, or sexual harassment. Uber defined sexual body parts as breast, genitalia, mouth and buttocks. The most common person assaulted was the rider, and the most common accused was the driver. Uber released this data in an effort to be more transparent regarding passenger and driver safety.

The figures for 2018 were almost identical to 2017, however Uber notes these occurred over more total rides. In 2017 Uber reported 229 cases of non-consensual sexual penetration, and 235 cases in 2018.

Uber notes that because most crimes are unreported, the real number of assaults is higher. They note future reports may show higher figures if sharing this data leads to more reporting by survivors to Uber. The Uber Safety Report has been covered in the news by the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, and many other major media outlets.

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Uber Assault Lawyer

The rideshare company faces hundreds of lawsuits for rideshare sexual assault, sexual harassment, and serious sexual assaults including the categories for which Uber shared reported totals.  Lyft also faces hundreds of lawsuits.

Levin Simes represents those injured or assaulted during an Uber ride. For a private free consultation, contact our rideshare assault attorneys at (415) 426-3000or info@levinsimes.com, or through our website.

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