November 30 Deadline: Apply for United Way Wildfire relief grants

By Levin Simes
November 27, 2017

Sonoma County Wildfire Relief Fund

Through the generous contributions of individuals and organizations, United Way of the Wine Country (UWWC) has built an emergency relief fund for those in Sonoma County affected by the Northern California wildfires. You may be eligible for a cash grant if you:

  • Lost your home
  • Lost your car
  • Lost your job or income
  • Were displaced by the wildfire

The grants are to help you afford new clothing, maintain shelter, pay for transportation, food, and home cleanup.

The deadline to apply for a relief grant is November 30, 2017.   Those deemed to have the highest needs – particularly those who have lost their home – will be given priority for approval.

You can download the application here: Application

You can view the United Way website here:

Can I apply if I live in Napa County?

If you live in Napa County, you may contact the Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership to apply for a grant.  For more information, please visit their website:

Can I apply if I live in Mendocino or Lake County?

North Coast Opportunities will handle applications received by those who live in Mendocino or Lake County.  You can learn more here:

Can you help me apply?

If you have any questions about this fund, other relief efforts or applications, or any other questions please contact us at  You can also review our wildfire resource page, or read the latest fire news and developments.

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