Mercury News: Dozens of women represented by Levin Simes sue Uber, claiming drivers sexually attacked them

By Levin Simes
July 1, 2021

As seen in the Mercury News, Levin Simes has filed lawsuits on behalf of dozens of women, accusing their Uber drivers of sexual assault. A court petition has been submitted to coordinate the cases into a single action.

The lawsuits do not disclose the name of the survivors, referring to them as “Jane Doe” when survivors wish to remain anonymous in court documents. Incidents alleged occurred as recently as April 30th 2021, is in San Diego.  From the Mercury News:

“The most recent alleged incident occurred April 30 in San Diego, McCormick said, adding that other women have contacted her firm claiming they were assaulted more recently but have yet to join the legal action. ‘We’re still getting cases where somebody will say, ‘This happened last night,” McCormick said.”

Levin Simes – Uber Assault Lawyers

Levin Simes represents survivors from all over the United States against Uber and their drivers, after incidents of physical assault, sexual assault, sexual battery, and sexual harassment. The petition to coordinate the cases has been submitted to the Judicial Counsel of California, an assigned Judge will later rule on the request.

Regarding the recent lawsuits, the Mercury News notes:

“McCormick’s firm, Levin Simes in San Francisco, has filed about 80 similar lawsuits against Uber’s rival Lyft that accuse that company of failing to protect female passengers from ‘sexual predators’ in the driver’s seat.”

Uber Fined $59 Million for Failing to Supply Sexual Assault Data

Uber was previously fined nearly 60 million dollars by California regulatory agencies, after failing to provide requested sexual assault data to the agency. Uber had previously created a report of sexual assault data for the years 2017 and 2018, but no data or report for 2019 or 2020 has been released.

Contact a Rideshare Assault Law Firm

If you wish to have a free private legal consultation, contact the attorneys at Levin Simes. We can be reached by phone call, text, email, or through website chat. Our attorneys can represent and assist survivors from all states in the United States, the lawsuits filed were filed in Uber’s headquarter hometown, San Francisco, California.

Uber previously stated they would not force sexual assault survivors into mandatory arbitration, and survivors are free to choose what venue they can use to seek redress.

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