Trial in Vape Explosion Lawsuit to Begin April 2019

By Levin Simes
July 23, 2018

Trial Set in Vape Explosion Lawsuit

An April 18, 2019 trial date has been set in a vape explosion lawsuit brought by Levin Simes LLP on behalf of Plaintiff Cody Kadow who suffered serious injuries as a result of poorly designed vape battery products.

“Suddenly and without warning, Cody saw blue sparks emanating from his pant leg and heard what sounded like firecrackers.  Cody looked down and saw that his left pant leg (where the vape and batteries were kept) was on fire…

[H]is leg had turned black from the explosion. Cody was diagnosed with second and third degree burns on his left leg, from the left thigh to mid-shin. Cody was referred to the UC Irvine Burn Clinic the following day where he was admitted for the second and third degree burns from the e-cigarette battery explosion.

Cody remained in the hospital for 17 days, during which time he underwent surgical removal of the damaged, burned tissue and foreign objects (debridement and tangential excision) and placement of a skin graft.

Cody is left physically and emotionally scarred from the burns.”

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