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By Levin Simes
August 13, 2019

Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Lyft and Uber have both faced dozens of lawsuits and had hundreds of drivers arrested after sexual assault.  A prior CNN investigation found 100s of drivers accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment, and found that Uber and Lyft had hired thousands of felony convicts to drive, including in one case a convicted murderer. Uber and Lyft claim they are working to improve background checks.

After pushback from survivors and advocates, both Lyft and Uber dropped mandatory arbitration clauses and survivors can now decide for themselves how to pursue action against the rideshare companies.  Levin Simes represents and has filed multiple claims by survivors against Uber and Lyft.

Lyft Lawsuit News

As seen in Bloomberg, Levin Simes represents survivors of sexual assault from rideshare drivers including Lyft.  From Bloomberg:

Since Aug. 1, seven female passengers have sued the company in San Francisco, its hometown, and lawyers at the women-led firm representing those riders say there are more complaints to come.

Lyft recently stated they intend to increase background checks, and will monitor drivers more often and will more quickly remove drivers after criminal convictions. They also claim they are enhancing identify verification to reduce the amount of ID fraud when a driver signs up under another identity.

Uber Assault Lawyer

Uber’s negligent hiring practices and insufficient background checks have resulted in hundreds of sexual assaults across the United States. Levin Simes can provide a free, confidential and private legal consultation and investigation. You can email us at info@levinsimes.com.

Lyft Assault Lawyer

Lyft uses a similar background check to other rideshare companies, and previously tried to steer all sexual assault cases into mandatory arbitration. Lyft has changed their tune and victims can now decide for themselves the best course of action after being assaulted. Call today at (415) 426-3000.

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