Lyft Faces More Sexual Assault Lawsuits From Levin Simes

By Levin Simes
September 4, 2019

Levin Simes in the News Again - Lyft Sexual Assault Lawsuits

The Recorder ( talked to women-led law firm, Levin Simes, about their latest rideshare assault cases, of which the firm has received hundreds of claims from survivors across the country. You can read the news article here.  To learn more about Uber and Lyft lawsuits, rideshare assault and legal options for survivors, head to our Uber and Lyft lawsuit section.

Sexual Harassment by Lyft Drivers discussed with Laurel Simes how rides hailed from apps turn into sexual harassment of women, or worse:

First, they say, a driver might start asking inappropriate questions about sexual matters. Sometimes it’s unwanted advances like, “Oh you look so nice tonight. Do you have a boyfriend?” Simes said. Other times, she says drivers wait until a rider gets out of their car to lunge and grope at them.

Many of the survivors were using rideshare services after drinking, thinking they were being safe by ensuring they had a ride home.  Unfortunately, rideshare companies’ incomplete background checks and hiring practices have resulted in vulnerable women being harassed or assaulted.

Sexual Assault by Lyft Drivers

Levin Simes has been recognized as a national leader in holding rideshare companies like Lyft liable for their negligent practices.  They represent dozens of survivors of sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, kidnapping, and rape by Lyft drivers.

After Lyft dropped mandatory arbitration clauses in the terms of service in their app, women have been choosing if they want to pursue a case or not.  Levin Simes offers free and private consultations to anyone who wants to talk. Levin Simes files cases as “Jane Doe” when plaintiffs wish to avoid having their name listed.

National Leaders in Uber and Lyft Sexual Assault

Levin Simes’ fight on behalf of their female clients has been covered in Bloomberg, Vice, BuzzFeed, Fortune, ABC, and elsewhere.

Bloomberg: Since Aug. 1, seven female passengers have sued the company in San Francisco, its hometown, and lawyers at the women-led firm representing those riders say there are more complaints to come.

Vice: The seven women are represented by a San Francisco law firm, Levin Simes, which has taken the lead nationally in litigating sexual assault lawsuits against Lyft and Uber.

A Women Led Law Firm

Levin Simes is a majority female-owned and female-managed law firm.  For a free private consultation, please reach us at, 415-426-3000, or through this website.

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