FDA Seizes Juul Vape Marketing Documents, Warns it Could Ban Vape Device

By Levin Simes
October 2, 2018

October 2nd, 2018: Juul Labs, the manufacturer of the popular Juul vape, had their offices raided by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in a surprise inspection. The FDA seized thousands of pages of documents related to marketing of Juul products. Juul Labs faces accusations and lawsuits that they illegally marketed their products to minors.

FDA Requests E-Cig and Vape Manufacturers Marketing Material

In April 2018 the FDA sent a formal 904(b) letter to Juul Labs and several other vape manufactures, per the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. The act empowers the FDA to monitor and regulate and enforce actions against companies selling tobacco and nicotine, particularly regarding the prevention of underage smoking.

The FDA is requesting Juul Labs turn over marketing material related to the Juul device, both current and historic, along with research and development material, research on product features, research on product design, research on ingredients and flavoring, and material regarding research on age groups.

Juul Labs and other manufactures face lawsuits regarding flavored nicotine products that appeal to teens.

FDA Seizes Juul Vape Marketing Documents

As reported today, the FDA went to Juul Labs in San Francisco for a surprise inspection. The visit occurred last week and Juul has posted a defense and explanation of recent events on their website.

Juul Labs claims they have released over 50,000 pages of documents to the FDA since they received the 904(b) letter. Juul Labs defends their product and marketing, claiming they are intended to only appeal to adults and the device is only for current adult tobacco smokers seeking to switch away from traditional cigarettes.

FDA Gives Juul 60 Days to Respond to Requests

On September 12, a news release by the FDA noted enforcement actions against Juul Labs and multiple e-cig and vape manufacturers. Juul Labs, Vuse, Blu, Markten XL, and Logic represent almost the entirety of the disposable vape pen market in the United States and were the subject of the press release.

All five manufactures have 60 days to present evidence they did not and do not market to minors, they have marketing practices in place to prevent marketing to minors, and they have youth smoking prevention plans and the ability to prevent and assist in preventing youth vaping.

Juul Lawsuit

Juul Labs faces multiple lawsuits:

  • Juul is facing lawsuits for improper business practices and the defective design of the vape device.
  • Juul is accused of illegally marketed its products to minors who are additionally susceptible to developing lifelong nicotine addictions.
  • More lawsuits have been filed regarding Juul marketing its vapes as safe, even though there is increasing evidence they contain hazardous ingredients.

Juul Vape Lawyer

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