JUUL Death Lawsuit: Levin Simes Files First Wrongful Death Against JUUL

By Levin Simes
October 16, 2019

JUUL Lung Injury, JUUL Addiction and JUUL Death Lawyers

In representing dozens of victims – many of them minors – who were injured as a result of Juul’s vaping products, Levin Simes LLP intends to hold Juul accountable for the injuries caused by its negligent corporate conduct.  As we continue to investigate the case of hundreds of injured Juul users, we are appalled at Juul’s continued promotion of its nicotine vape products as “safe” – with absolutely no scientific studies to support this statement.  Juul made lung cancer the focus of its statements, while entirely ignoring the host of other health issues caused by its product’s vapor smoke.  These injuries mirror those found in traditional cigarettes, and include strokes, seizures, new or worsening asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, and even death.  Juul claims that its product was intended to help existing, adult cigarette smokers.  However, Juul intentionally targeted our youth beginning in 2015 with improper marketing and lies, going to so far as to give its product away for free to minors without verifying their age.  In doing so, Juul single-handedly created an epidemic of young users with unprecedented levels of daily nicotine addiction.

Levin Simes LLP is leading the fight against Juul with dozens of cases filed against Juul in state and federal court.  It is our hope that by bringing cases like that of Daniel Wakefield’s to light, that the public becomes aware of the serious – and sometimes fatal – hazards of Juul vapor smoke.  We also hope our work will trigger meaningful changes in Juul’s corporate conduct,  including taking responsibility for its role in creating this epidemic.

JUUL Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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