Insurers Remove Red Tape for Wildfire Victims

By Levin Simes
January 23, 2018
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Insurance companies have responded to a formal notice issued by California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones requesting they remove itemization requirements for those that lost their home. The notice requested insurance companies pay the full amount of the personal property coverage, without making those who lost everything itemize and submit documents on every possession. Insurers covering 97% of those who lost their home have agreed to the rule.

The Commissioner stated: “Many insurers have stepped up to do the right thing for policyholders by agreeing to my request and eliminating more red tape from the claim process,” said Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. “Increasing personal property payments for fire survivors who suffered a total loss is an important step in easing survivors’ overwhelming burden and helping them move forward by eliminating or reducing the arduous burden of trying to create a detailed home inventory for every piece of personal property they owned and lost to the fire.”

This agreement to eliminate paperwork and streamline the process follows a prior agreement to pay 25% of the policy in advance for those with total home loss. You can read the notice here.

You can read more news and updates on California wildfires and wildfire recovery at our news and resources page:

Paperwork and Binders

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