Exploding Vape Kills Again – This Time in Texas

By Levin Simes
February 5, 2019

Exploding Vape Kills Man in Texas

William Eric Brown was killed in Forth Worth after an exploding vape sent shrapnel into his head and severed his carotid artery. William was outside a vape shop when the vape pen explosion occurred. This is the second death in two years in the United States from vape explosions.

Exploding Vape Kills Man in Florida

A 38-year old man from St. Petersburg, Florida was killed in 2018 when a vape mod device exploded in his face. The official cause of death was a projectile wound to the head. He also suffered burns over 80% of his body, although the cause of death was attributed to shrapnel from the explosion.

Vape Pen Explodes, Kills Man in Texas

According to news reports, Brown was sitting in his car outside a Forth Worth, Texas vape shop when the pen exploded. William did not die immediately but suffered severe wounds and was transported to the hospital. His injuries included a severed major artery and shrapnel embedded into his skull. Surgery at the hospital to remove a three-inch piece of metal from his head was underway when he passed. He is survived by his family, including his grandmother who wishes more people learn about the risks of battery failure and vape safety design defects.

What Causes a Vape Pen to Explode?

The battery inside the device, frequently an 18650 battery sold with the device or separately, can become damaged and explode.  Battery damage occurs in many ways: from overheating, drawing too much power, overcharging, or even something as simple as smoking a vape until the battery dies if the vape lacks undervoltage protection. It was only a matter of time before another vape battery explosion proved fatal. Levin Simes has seen many horrific injuries and continues to receive new calls each week. Whether overheated, overcharged, or used when undervolted, the battery cell can become damaged. Devices lacking on-device intelligence to detect that the battery has low or high voltage, or is outside recommended temperature ranges, is a common reason for vape device explosions.

Vape Pen Lawsuit

Levin Simes attorneys are experienced vape lawyers, representing dozens of people injured or maimed as a result of vape, vape pen, and battery explosions.  Injuries from vape and vape battery explosions include dental and facial damage, nerve damage, and severe burns to legs, genitals, and hands.  These are serious injuries, which can result in permanent nerve damage and pain, require surgical treatment, loss of wages, and in some cases, death.  We offer free consultation to anyone injured. Levin Simes in the News: Attorneys at Levin Simes are highlighted in an article by the Fort Worth Star-Tribune for representing multiple Texas burn victims. Read about some of our cases.

Vape Pen Lawyer

Contact the lawyers at Levin Simes if you have any questions regarding vape injuries. Our attorneys specialize in representing clients injured by electronic vape pen or mod devices, including vape battery explosions. Reach us at (415) 426-3000, info@levinsimes.com, or through this website form or chat.

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