E-Cig Vape Bursts in Woman’s Lap, Leaps From Truck on Fire [Video]

By Levin Simes
February 9, 2018

Phoenix, AZ: A woman was driving down the street when her e-cip vape exploded in her lap. The exploding battery caught her clothes on fire, continued to explode and spark as the battery continued to burn, and she leaped from her moving truck to escape.

Watch this young woman recount her horrific experience. She jumped out of her truck to avoid further burns from the battery fire, only to then have the truck turn around and come back towards her while she was desperately trying to put out the flames. She suffered broken bones, broken hips, and severe burns.

The victim:

“Suddenly, what felt like fireworks and looked like fireworks started to explode in my lap,” she recalled during an emotional news conference Thursday. “I was so terrified. I started to feel the flesh on my body burning.”

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