E-Cig Group Files Lawsuit Against Flavor Ban In California

By Levin Simes
July 1, 2020

Vape Group Sues Palmdale City Over Flavored Vape Ban

The city of Palmale, following the lead by Los Angeles County, placed a ban on flavored vape products.

The California Smoke & Vape Association (which also refers to itself as the California Association for Responsible Retailers or CARR) filed the lawsuit against the city, claiming the new Palmdale law will “destroy Palmdale’s nicotine vapor product industry” because it is “overbroad”.

The lawsuit was filed Sunday June 7, 2020 in the Los Angeles Federal Court. One particular contention from CARR was the new law didn’t stop at banning e-cig and vape flavored products, but also banned vape products designed to mimic the flavor profile of traditional tobacco cigarettes and menthol flavored cigarettes. CARR took issue with the ban affecting these products as they assert they are not part of the increase in youth consumption. The lawsuit does admit, by virtue of this argument, that there is an increase in nicotine use among youth largely due to new vaping products.

CARR and the CA Smoke and Vape Association are industry groups whose members include both vaping product manufacturers, resellers, and end point retail owners.

The lawsuit was joined by Cigs Plus, a local retainer.

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