By Levin Simes
February 26, 2016

E-Cig Battery Explodes Burning Man’s Leg [VIDEO]

February 24, 2016: Owensboro, KY: E-Cigarette (E-Cig) devices frequently utilize lithium-ion batteries with basic safety mechanisms. Due to this reports of failures have been occurring at increasing rates.  Watch this video of a man’s pants exploding and catching on fire when his e-cig battery explodes:

E-cig batteries can explode due to overheating from overuse, due to overcharging, due to damage to the battery or e-cig, vaporizer, or mod box, or due to the design of the device drawing too much power from the battery. A lack of basic safety mechanisms in many designs makes these failures possible, resulting in the dangerous battery failures and battery explosions.

To learn more about e-cig battery explosions and e-cig battery safety, visit the Levin Simes page on e-cig battery explosions. If you or a loved one was injured in an e-cig battery explosion, contact Levin Simes at (415) 426-3000 or Levin Simes is investigating potential e-cig battery explosions lawsuits.

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