CNN: Lyft Yet to Disclose Sexual Assault Incidents as Levin Simes Files More Cases

By Levin Simes
June 11, 2021

June 11th, 2021 – CNN reports on the growing number of cases of sexual assault filed against Lyft, with Levin Simes the leading firm bringing cases against the rideshare company.

CNN states:

“According to Levin Simes LLP, one of three firms bringing the cases against Lyft, the number of passengers seeking legal counsel over alleged sexual assault and abuse claims by Lyft drivers is much higher. The firm said it has retained more than 400 clients whose cases it is investigating and prosecuting, with roughly 80 cases filed currently.”

The CNN article covers the moving timeline for Lyft releasing assault data, as Uber did in 2019 with their report of 2017-2018 data. Originally Lyft stated to CNN Business they would release the report by end of 2019. In May 2020, they then stated they would release a report by the end of 2020.  Now, they are saying that uncertainty with regulatory agencies is what is holding them from releasing data in 2021. Lyft has yet to release any data on rideshare assault, Uber has yet to update their reports on 2017-2018 data with 2019 or 2020 data.

Lyft Assault Lawyers

The women-led law firm of Levin Simes is representing hundreds of survivors sexually harassed, sexual assaulted, kidnapped or raped by Uber and Lyft drivers. Noted as the “national leaders” in rideshare sexual assault cases, the women of Levin Simes are fighting back on behalf of survivors seeking to hold Lyft accountable for unsafe practices. Scores of women across the country are taking their Lyft survivor stories to court with the help of Levin Simes attorneys.

Our work for rideshare assault survivors has been covered by CNN, NBC, CBS, Bloomberg, Buzzfeed, Vice and more.

CNN quotes from attorney Angela Nehmens:

“These [cases] are going to keep coming unless [Lyft] changes its procedures or institutes more safety measures,” Angela Nehmens, associate attorney at Levin Simes LLP, told CNN Business last month.

CNN quotes partner Laurel Simes:

“They’re not cooperative,” said Laurel Simes, a partner at Levin Simes LLP, who added that while Uber meets periodically with the firm to try and resolve [Uber sexual assault] cases, Lyft does not.

As noted by CNN, some cases allege Lyft has been aware of drivers sexual assaults yet has not taken adequate steps to protect passengers or warn them of the dangers. The trials are currently set to begin in January of 2022.

Lyft Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Levin Simes represents hundreds of rideshare survivors of sexual assault and harassment. If you or a loved one was harassed or assaulted and want a private discussion with an attorney, please call or text our rideshare lawyers at 415-993-9989, or email info@levinsimes.coms. We can set up a private time to talk and discuss the case.

Lyft Mediation and Arbitration

Lyft announced they would drop terms of service restricting survivors of sexual assault from filing lawsuits. Previously the firms used terms of service in their app to force injured women to settle cases in mandatory arbitration.

Uber also dropped the requirement. Uber’s Chief Legal Officer Tony West wrote they “will no longer require mandatory arbitration for individual claims of sexual assault or sexual harassment by Uber riders, drivers or employees.” Lyft then followed with a similar matching announcement.

What to Do If You Were Assaulted By Your Lyft Driver

  1. Ensure you are in a safe place. Call friends or family.
  2. If injured, go to a hospital.
  3. After you are safe, report.
  4. Take notes of the incident now, details of the car, driver, what was said and done.
  5. Speak with an attorney to ensure the driver is removed and your rights are protected.

To see the full article on what to do if you were assaulted, read more here.

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