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Invokana increases risk of kidney damage and foot, toe and leg amputation

Invokana doubles amputation risk vs placebo

March 16, 2017: The FDA released a new communication today warnings of serious risks of Invokana – a prescription medicine for Type II Diabietes.  The FDA warned that Invokana poses an increased risk of foot and leg amputations, based on studies showing the risk of amputation of limbs doubling with Invokano use versus a placebo.… Read More

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Example of 3 E-Cig MOD Vaporizers

Navy Bans Vape Pens Over Explosion Risks

April 24, 2017: After a series of accidents and injuries aboard Navy vessels, the Navy has announced it will stop allowing sailors to bring and use electronic cigarettes (e-cigs), personal vaporizers, and vape pens aboard it’s ships. The ban includes all submarines, aircraft, and boats. In a release the Navy noted that 15 accidents occurred between… Read More

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E-Cig Battery Explodes in Defense Attorney’s Pocket During Arson Trial

[Pants on Fire Alert] On Wednesday March 8th,  Florida defense attorney Stephen Gutierrez was defending his client who was alleged to have started a car fire. During closing arguments while Stephen was stating his client’s defense that the car had spontaneously combusted, Stephen’s pants began to combust on their own. His pants began to smoke… Read More

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L.A. Times (1995): Talc causes cancer in women

LA Times, 1995: “Particles of talc used as a lubricant on latex condoms can enter a woman’s body … causing infertility and cancer”. As discussed in opening statements this week during the ongoing ovarian cancer talcum powder trial against Johnson & Johnson in St. Louis Missouri, condom manufacturers learned back in the 1990’s that researchers… Read More

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