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Lyft has yet to disclose sexual assault incidents as cases grow – CNN

” ‘These [cases] are going to keep coming unless [Lyft] changes its procedures or institutes more safety measures,’ Angela Nehmens, associate attorney at Levin Simes Abrams LLP, told CNN Business last month.”

Mercury News: Levin Simes Abrams Files Uber Sexual Assault Lawsuits

Dozens of women sue Uber claiming drivers sexually attacked them – The Mercury News

“Of 200 or so additional women McCormick’s firm represents in the matter — most of them expected to join the legal action — more than 100 allege they were attacked by Uber drivers after the report was issued, McCormick said”.

CBS covers the 1,000 Levin Simes Abrams Uber Lyft lawsuits

Bay Area Law Firm Represents 1000 Rideshare Assault Claims

“[Levin Simes Abrams] a Bay Area law firm representing hundreds of clients suing Uber and Lyft for sexual assault, was in court to Monday seeking to consolidate dozens of lawsuits into a single claim. “

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How e-cigarettes went from celebrity accessory to product non grata – The Guardian

“These kids were trying them out because they tasted nice,” said Mahzad Hite, an attorney working on a number of personal injury lawsuits against Juul. ““Nicotine can have long lasting and sometimes permanent effects on the brain of people under the age of 26.”

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Lyft Has Been Flooded With Sexual Assault Lawsuits – Vice

“The seven women are represented by a San Francisco law firm, Levin Simes Abrams, which has taken the lead nationally in litigating sexual assault lawsuits against Lyft and Uber.”

JUUL Vape Injury Lawyer

‘They Created an Epidemic’: Why 2 Lawyers are Going After E-Cigarette Giant JUUL – Yahoo Finance

Angela Nehmens and Mahzad Kazempour Hite filed what they say they believe is the first wrongful death lawsuit against e-cigarette giant, Juul Labs. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in federal district court for the Northern District of California, was brought by Wakefield’s mother, Lisa Vail, on behalf of her son’s estate.”

Mesothelioma Verdict - Mesothelioma Lawyer

$208 Million Verdict: Suit alleged asbestos caused woman’s mesothelioma –  The Recorder

$200,000,000 punitive damages. The fourth largest verdict in the state of California in 2010. The largest single claimant mesothelioma California verdict.

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Lyft hit by five more alleged sexual assault, rape cases in one day – CNN

“The new lawsuits, filed by Levin Simes Abrams, LLP, all allege that “Lyft’s response to this sexual predator crisis amongst Lyft drivers has been appallingly inadequate.”

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Lyft facing flood of lawsuits – NPR All Things Considered

“Right now, we have more than 100 filed or pending cases. We’re getting new cases every day” said partner Laurel Simes.

Vape Lawyer - Vape Battery Lawyer - Bullet in your pocket

‘A bullet in your pocket’: Lawyers target battery makers in exploding e-cigarette cases – Star-Telegram

“We have clients who have lost teeth or they’ve had projectile pieces of the (device) go into their neck and skin,” Angela Nehmens said. “We have one gentleman who is paralyzed in part of his body because of nerve damage.”

Bloomberg - Levin Simes Abrams - Lyft assault lawsuit

Lyft’s ‘woke’ image collides with flurry of sex assault lawsuits – Bloomberg

“The firm of Levin Simes Abrams, which specializes in product-injury cases against big companies … the firm is investigating complaints, varying from rape to stalking, involving about 100 women.”