Bayer to Spend $5.6 Billion on New Roundup After $2 Billion Lymphoma Verdict

By Levin Simes
June 21, 2019

$5.6 Billion to Develop New Weedkiller Without Glyphosate

Monsanto parent company Bayer announced plans to spend $5.6 billion designing new weed killers without glyphosate. Their popular Roundup products contain glyphosate and have been linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL). The company announced a $500 million per year research budget over the next decade. These funds would primarily come from the already $2.5 billion they spend each year on research and development. That means Bayer will now spend 20% of R&D trying to replace glyphosate, given the legal risks mounting for glyphosate containing products including Roundup weed killers.

$2 Billion Verdict For Roundup Causing Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer

Bayer purchased Monsanto last year and now has inherited their legal disputes over the safety of Roundup. Glyphosate was listed as a possible carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2015. After the classification lawsuits from Roundup users who were later diagnosed with NHL began.

Trials regarding Roundup causing cancer resulted in multiple large verdicts against Monsanto and Bayer, including punitive damages for the companies behavior in disclosing the risks of cancer. A jury in San Francisco awarded $80 million in one case, another jury awarded $289 million before the judge reduced it to $79 million, and finally a jury in Alameda awarded $2 billion in punitive damages on top of $110 million on compensatory damages. Bayer has appealed the ruling.

Lymphoma Cancer Lawyer

Levin Simes represents those injured by dangerous and defective products and is investigating new claims of cancer linked to Roundup and other glyphosate products. If you have been diagnosed with a lymphoma cancer and have exposure to glyphosate or Roundup, please contact us at or (415) 426-3000.

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