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Woman waiting for Uber on street with phone in hand (David Preston)

Uber Says this Time will be Different Regarding Rideshare Assault and Safety

Uber sent an email to its users alerting them of new safety features available in the Uber app, as well as reiterating their plan to improve safety.¬† This comes only after a CNN investigation into public court documents revealed over 100 cases of passengers assaulted and sexually assaulted by Uber drivers. Uber’s Belated Concern for… Read More

Uber Lyft Ride Share

Uber Hires Thousands of Criminals as Drivers

June 1, 2018:¬† Uber failed to institute thorough background checks and hired thousands of convicts as drivers. The company is under fire for failing to institute full background checks,¬†misleading statements about the strength of background checks, and for failing to protect passengers from sexual assault. Uber has previously settled with District Attorneys from Los Angeles… Read More