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Tag: EPA

New Jersey Court Reinstates Lawn Fertilizer Mesothelioma Case

The New Jersey Superior Appellate Court moved to reinstate a case against Scotts, the manufacturer of “Turf Builder” lawn fertilizer. Scotts had previously used vermiculite supplied from mines in Libby Montana. Libby mining operations were producing ores heavily contaminated with highly friable tremolite asbestos, a specific form of highly dangerous asbestos that became known as “Libby asbestos”. The presence… Read More

EPA Identifies Libby Montana and 30 other Superfund Sites for Redevelopment

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified 31 Superfund sites for redevelopment.  The site list includes locations such as Libby Montana, home to vermiculite mines contaminated with dangerous amphibole asbestos. Superfund sites are places the EPA has deemed particularly dangerous due to environmental contamination. The Zonolite Company began mining in Libby back in… Read More