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Tag: defective products

Examples of Vapes and Juice

E-Cig Vape Bursts in Woman’s Lap, Leaps From Truck on Fire [Video]

Phoenix, AZ: A woman was driving down the street when her e-cip vape exploded in her lap. The exploding battery caught her clothes on fire, continued to explode and spark as the battery continued to burn, and she leaped from her moving truck to escape. Watch this young woman recount her horrific experience. She jumped out… Read More

E-Cig Sales and Explosions

Growing Vape Explosions Match Growth in US E-Cig Sales

Vape and e-cig devices powered by 18650 and other Li-on batteries are growing as a market in the United States. If you’ve read the news you’ve also seen stories about vape battery explosions and injuries, and lawsuits against manufacturers and sellers of e-cig devices due to the serious injuries. As seen in the US Fire… Read More

Juul Lawyer - FDA could ban Juul Vape, Juul facing vape lawsuits

US Fire Administration New Report on E-Cig Vape Battery Safety

The U.S. Fire Administration, under the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), has issued a new report titled “Electronic Cigarette Fires and Explosions in the United States 2009-2016”. The key points from the report: Combining e-cig and vape devices with lithium-ion batteries (li-on batteries) is new and hazardous. Fires or explosions caused by the batteries used… Read More

E-Cig Battery Lawsuit - Levin Simes Abrams E-Cig Battery Explosion Lawyers

Surgeon’s Case Report: Rise in Burns from Vape Battery Explosions

A case report in the May edition of the medical journal Burns notes that failing lithium-ion batteries are responsible for the uptick in new cases of battery explosion burns.  Batteries stored in e-cig or vape mod devices can suffer from a run-away chemical reaction and explode. The case report is titled “Canary in the coal mine—Initial… Read More

6th Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Trial Begins

St. Louis, Missouri: Last Friday a trial began in St. Louis for the families of three women who contracted ovarian cancer after use of talcum powder baby powder products. Johnson & Johnson and other companies marketed baby powder products containing talcum powder, despite knowing that baby powder increased their customer’s risk of ovarian cancer. This… Read More

E-Cig Battery Lawsuit - Levin Simes Abrams E-Cig Battery Explosion Lawyers

Navy Bans Vape Pens Over Explosion Risks

April 24, 2017: After a series of accidents and injuries aboard Navy vessels, the Navy has announced it will stop allowing sailors to bring and use electronic cigarettes (e-cigs), personal vaporizers, and vape pens aboard it’s ships. The ban includes all submarines, aircraft, and boats. In a release the Navy noted that 15 accidents occurred between… Read More

Parts of an Electronic Cigarette - E-cig battery explosion lawsuit

E-Cig Battery Explodes in Defense Attorney’s Pocket During Arson Trial

[Pants on Fire Alert] On Wednesday March 8th,  Florida defense attorney Stephen Gutierrez was defending his client who was alleged to have started a car fire. During closing arguments while Stephen was stating his client’s defense that the car had spontaneously combusted, Stephen’s pants began to combust on their own. His pants began to smoke… Read More