The lawyers at Levin Simes LLP have collected more than $500 million in settlements for injured people in a variety of litigations over the last 10 years. Collectively, Levin Simes LLP has represented hundreds of families in individual cases as well as having taken lead roles in national litigation related to pharmaceutical litigation and defective medical device cases.

The lawyers at Levin Simes LLP are proud to call themselves trial lawyers, meaning they have the experience and resources to stand up and fight large corporations to protect an individual’s rights. Because we handle a relatively small amount of cases at one time, our trial attorneys get involved in each individual case from the very beginning. As trial lawyers, we believe it is important to be involved in each case early on, and work up each case as if it were going to trial.

We know that the majority of cases settle without the need for a jury trial. However, we believe that our willingness and ability to take a case to trial, sets us apart from other personal injury law firms. Our successful verdict records from trial gives us the leverage needed to maximize settlements on behalf of our clients.

Below we have listed just a sampling of some of our settlements in recent years. Unfortunately we are not able to list many of our settlements due to confidentiality agreements we entered into with the settling defendant: