California Wildfire

How Can California Wildfire Victims Recover Damgages?

How Can You Recoup Losses After a Wildfire?

We have been asked by our friends in the community, including vineyard and business owners, homeowners, and families to help them navigate through all of the challenges they are currently facing in the wake of the devastating North Bay fires. We can help answer questions such as:

How do I get immediate funds?

What claims do I have against PG&E?

What insurance claims can I make?

How do I maximize insurance recoveries for my home or business?

What are my remedies if I am under-insured?

How do I make a claim against insurers and insurance brokers?

How Can a Lawyer Help California Wildfire Victims Recover?

We are a Bay Area firm with a nationwide practice litigating against large corporations who negligently have cause widespread harm. Our wildfire lawyers will be working in collaboration with the Merlin Law Group, the national leader in litigating against insurance carriers on behalf of policy holders in the wake of natural disasters. They are currently in the forefront of insurance coverage battles in the aftermath of the hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. They are expert insurance lawyers helping to make homeowners and businesses whole on the insurance side.

This tragedy has impacted all aspects of your lives. We understand that everyone has a lot of questions, such as:

For Businesses:

  • Coverage for crop damage or smoke taint
  • Remedies against PG&E
  • Remedies for damage to vintage
  • Dealing effectively with insurance
  • Your broker failed to inadequately insure your business for crop damage or business interruption
  • Environmental exposure risks
  • Loss for businesses, workers and contractors impacted by the fires

For Homeowners:

  • Immediate funds from your insurer to adequate pay for interim living expenses
  • Obtaining more coverage if your insurer or broker failed to adequately insure you
  • Remedies against PG&E
  • Dealing effectively with my insurer
  • Environmental exposure risks
  • Emotional impact for children and families

By forging a strategic alliance between Levin Simes Abrams and the Merlin Law Group, we have assembled a unique team designed to successfully address all of the different challenges facing the community as a result of the fires. With Levin Simes Abrams providing the trial lawyer depth to effectively battle PG&E in the local Courts, and with the Merlin Law Group already positioned as the premier national firm fighting for policy holders to ensure that claims are not delayed, denied or underpaid, we are confident that are in the best position to represent your interest. We intend to hold PG&E accountable, ensure that insurers and brokers keep their commitments in a timely manner and that they step up and take responsibility if they have negligently under insured policy holders.

Our trial lawyers have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars of compensation for our clients in courts throughout California and the United States in the areas of toxic exposure, environmental exposure, defective products and medical devices. We have been appointed by the Courts to leadership positions in large scale litigation. The Merlin Law Group has dedicated its practice to fighting for policyholders to ensure their claims are not delayed, denied or underpaid.

Napa Vineyard

Everyone has been profoundly moved by the devastation suffered by our community as a result of this tragedy. Many of us were born and raised in Marin and Sonoma. We grew up in the neighborhoods, lived here during our formative years, have parents and relatives whose homes and or businesses were destroyed by the fires or experienced first-hand the fear of losing their homes, and know first responders who served in the rescue efforts. A number of our clients have reached out to us for support and guidance. We are committed to helping rebuild our community.

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