Traumatic brain injury

This is often called concussion or post-concussion syndrome.  Traumatic brain injury can occur if you are involved in a motor vehicle collision or recreational activity especially if you are hit from behind.  The movement of the head and neck in a rear end collision causes your brain to move, hitting the front and back of the skull and causing injury.  Even if there is no skull fracture or obvious head injury, traumatic brain injury can still occur. You may feel dizziness, confusion, memory loss, sensitivity to light and sound or changes in behavior.  If you have suffered these effects, you may have a concussion or TBI.  If these symptoms continue more than three months, you may have a traumatic brain injury.   This can affect your home life and your job.

Although most people recover, some people may not and may require specialized care from neurologists or neuropsychologists.  We work with top level physicians and life care planners to determine whether you need ongoing rehabilitation, medical equipment or medical care.

Personal Brain Injury Lawyers

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