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Legal news and updates on personal injury from talcum powder, asbestos & mesothelioma, vape batteries, recalled devices, dangerous drugs and more. From the lawyers at Levin Simes Abrams.

Levin Simes Abrams on ABC News Again, for Vape Explosion Lawsuit

Attorney Mahzad Kazempour Hite was featured during an ABC 7 I-team investigates story on vape explosions. A Levin Simes Abrams client shares their story on how their vape mod battery exploded, the...

Vape Lawyer - Vape Lawsuit - Vape Battery Lawyer

Does Vaping Cause Stroke, Brain Hemorrhage and Aneurysm?

A report at the February 2019 American Stroke Association meeting identified additional risks from vaping.  Using federal research data from the Center for Disease Control’s 2016 Behavioral...

Juul Lawyer - FDA could ban Juul Vape, Juul facing vape lawsuits

Half of JUULs Twitter Followers are Underage Teens

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics used an age-predication algorithm and found that half of JUULs social followers on the site Twitter were...

Lyft bike accident, Motivate bike accident, Uber Jump bike accident

Uber and Lyft E-bike Wheel Lock Accidents, Lyft Recall

Break Failures Causing Bike Accidents Lyft is recalling thousands of e-bikes in San Francisco, Washington D.C. and New York City. Lyft is the owner of a bikeshare operator and the battery assisted...

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Levin Simes Abrams Featured on ABC News for Representing Uber and Lyft Sexual Assault Victims

April 2, 2019: Levin Simes Abrams partner Rachel Abrams and attorney Meghan McCormick are featured in the latest ABC 7 news regarding sexual assault from Uber and Lyft drivers.  Lyft just went...

Roundup causes cancer - roundup lawyer - lymphoma lawsuit

Trial Update: $80 Million Verdict in San Francisco against Monsanto for Roundup Cancer

March 27, 2019:  Monsanto and their new parent company Bayer were hit with an $80 million verdict today, after being found responsible for causing non-hodgkins lymphoma in a man who used Roundup....

Lymphona Lawyer - Roundup Lawyer - Roundup Cancer Lawsuit

San Francisco Roundup Verdict for Causing Lymphoma

Edwin Hardeman of Santa Rosa sued Monsanto for causing his lymphoma cancer, the first person to do so in federal court.  A jury in San Francisco has found Monsanto liable for causing Edwin’s...


FDA: Premarket Approval (PMA) Required for Existing Vape Flavored Products

March 13, 2019: The FDA announced premarket approval requirements for all flavored e-cigarette products, with a deadline to file by August 8, 2021. This new deadline is one year earlier than...

Vape Lawyer - Underage Vaping Use Up 80% in 2018

Teen Vape Use Nearly Doubles in 2018

Underage Vaping in 2018 The CDC has a new report on tobacco use among minors, and they are sounding the alarm over the results.  After years of progress to reduce the amount of teens consuming...