Why John Hopkins Medicine, A Nation Leading Institutions, Agrees in Mandatory Drug Testing of Doctors

All hospitals should require drug, alcohol tests for physicians” according to a press release by John-Hopkins Medicine.

To improve patient safety, hospitals should randomly test physicians for drug and alcohol use in much the same way other major industries in the United States do to protect their customers.”

“Patients might be better protected from preventable harm. Physicians and employers may experience reduced absenteeism, unintentional adverse events, injuries, and turnover, and early identification of a debilitating problem.”  

In a publication in the Journal of American Medical Association, Dr. Peter Pronovost, director of the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality and one of the leading physician proponents of improving patient safety, stated:

“Patients and their family members have a right to be protected from impaired physicians. In other high-risk industries, this right is supported by regulations and surveillance. Shouldn’t medicine be the same?”   

Source:  The Journal of American Medical Association, “Identification of Physician Impairment.”

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