Hall of Shame: The Insurance Industry’s $57 Million Quest to Put Prop. 46 to Rest

With over $56 million dollars in their war chest, Prop. 46 opponents are outspending consumer and patient safety advocates nearly 10:1.

You’ve probably seen the daily TV ads opposing Prop. 46.  Insurance companies are willing to spend tens of millions today to ensure that Prop. 46 does not pass so that can continue to pay less and keep their profits high.  These 7 insurance companies have spent


Nearly $43 million has been spent to oppose Prop. 46 by these seven insurance companies alone

  1. Cooperative of American Physicians*                                                                         $10,161,489.04
  2. The Doctors Company*                                                                                               $10,000,000.00
  3. NorCal Mutual Insurance Company                                                                            $10,000,000.00
  4. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan                                                                                      $5,000,000.00
  5. Medical Insurance Exchange of California                                                                    $5,000,000.00
  6. The Dentists Insurance Company                                                                                 $1,620,000.00
  7. The Mutual Risk Retention Group                                                                                 $1,000,000.00


*Don’t be fooled by their names!  The Cooperative of American Physicians and The Doctors Company are both insurance companies.





[Source: Secretary of State – Campaign Finance website]