Endo to Stop AMS Mesh Production

Endo International PLC disclosed it is officially closing its women’s health division and stopping the manufacture and sale of transvaginal mesh products. Endo disclosed this after release of its quarterly results on Monday, stating that it will close down the mesh line purchased from American Medical Systems (AMS) by March 31, 2016. Endo failed to find a buyer for the product line (now known as Astora Women’s Health).

Levin Simes attorney Amy Eskin was the co-lead attorney in the national litigation against AMS. In addition to securing substantial compensation for the clients of Levin Simes, Ms. Eskin helped settle approximately 20,000 AMS vaginal mesh-related claims of other law firms in May 2014. Levin Simes continues to represent those injured by transvaginal mesh products.

In August 2015, Endo stated that it would set aside $1.53 billion to help settle the lawsuits of women regarding the faulty mesh devices. The use of transvaginal mesh for treatment of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI) has resulted in thousands of lawsuits for design failures and failure to warn of risks. Levin Simes LLP has successfully settled AMS cases on behalf of its clients and clients around the country, and attorneys at Levin Simes have acted as lead counsel in the litigation.

The FDA stated it would change regulation regarding the approval of these devices due to the failures and injuries as well as label the devices as high risk.

If you have experienced complications from transvaginal mesh, contact Levin Simes at 1-888-426-4156 or [email protected]. Levin Simes continues to represent clients with vaginal mesh injuries and will investigate potential transvaginal mesh lawsuits.

To read more about transvaginal mesh and the complications related to these products, visit our transvaginal mesh lawsuit pages by clicking here.

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