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PG&E Bonds: Consumers to Pay for Wildfire Lawsuit Settlement?

A California bill introduced by Assembly Member Quirk in 2016 to promote electric cars, AB-33, has been modified to create and sell new bonds. The proceeds of the bonds would go toward covering Pacific Gas & Electric’s legal liability after  being found responsible for starting the October 2017 Northern California wildfires. Wildfire lawsuit settlements could add… Read More

Supreme Court Reviews Drug Preemption, a Case Every Pharma Drug Lawyer Should Follow

The future of consumers’ right to bring state law claims against pharmaceutical companies for injuries caused by their drugs hangs in the balance as the United States Supreme Court reviews the federal appellate court’s decision in Levine v. Wyeth.  Hundreds of women had filed lawsuits against pharmaceutical giant, Merck, for bone fractures suffered after taking osteoporosis drug,… Read More

Mesothelioma Treatment, Mesothelioma Clinical Trial

Mesothelioma Treatment Update: New Combo Therapy Improves Patient Outcome; Open Clinical Trials

June 29th, 2018: A new study published June 2018 in the Lancet’s Respiratory Medicine journal found a new combination therapy that improved patient outcome compared to standard chemotherapy treatment. Combination Treatment for Mesothelioma The study paired durvalumab (Imfinzi) and tremelimumab in combination, and compared the results to standard modern chemotherapy treatment for mesothelioma. The median… Read More