By Levin Simes
January 13, 2020

Study: JUUL Puff Contains 5 Times the Nicotine of a Cigarette Puff

Blood Tests After Vaping Showed Five Times the Nicotine from JUUL Pods vs Cigarettes

Researchers at the University of San Francisco had rats vape and smoke cigarettes, in order to test their nicotine levels and vascular function.  This is not the first time we’ve discussed researching having mice vape or rats vape.  In this study, rats were exposed to 20 seconds of vape smoke: 10 puffs of 2 seconds, spread out over 5 minutes.  After 20 minutes of waiting, their blood was drawn to test for nicotine levels and tests were performed to measure their vascular function.

The results were JUUL pods produced 5 times the nicotine levels compared to traditional cigarettes, and 8 times the level seen in other e-cig devices.

520% the Nicotine of Cigarettes

The rats exposed to 10 puffs from a traditional cigarette had elevated nicotine levels, 26.1 ng/ml on average.

The vaping mice had 136.4 ng/m on average, in increase of 520% percent.  This large increase can explain hypothesis regarding the surge of vaping among teens, as a higher initial nicotine blast could lead to higher levels of consumption, and thus addiction.

770% the Nicotine of Other E-Cigs

JUUL Labs, leading a new wave of nicotine salt liquid cartridge devices, did not have the same nicotine as other tested products.

Other nicotine vape products were only able to produce blood nicotine levels of 17.1 ng/ml, barely 1/8th the level of nicotine levels seen after an equal 10 puffs from a JUUL pod.

JUUL Labs leads the American market with a dominant share of total vaping, and is the most popular vaping product among children.

JUUL Changed Vascular Function

Researchers did not stop at blood nicotine levels, they also tested whether JUUL, cigarettes and other vape products produced reduced vascular function. While lung cancer remains the most discussed harm from smoking, other medical diseases such as heart disease and COPD lung disease each kill similar amount of smokers as lung cancer.

JUUL was shown to have the largest effect on impairing vascular function, an amount higher but similar to the effect of cigarette smoke. Other studies have shown that pulmonary and cardiovascular risks of vaping may be similar to smoking.

Matthew Springer, PHD:  “Our findings show that the adverse effect of cigarettes on vascular endothelial function, which has been a known consequence of cigarette smoking since the 1990s, is not prevented by using JUUL.”

More JUUL Heart Risk Information

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