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Legal news and updates on personal injury from talcum powder, asbestos & mesothelioma, vape batteries, recalled devices, dangerous drugs and more. From the lawyers at Levin Simes Abrams.

How to Stop Your Kid From JUULing

JUUL is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 27.5% of high school children are vaping. To a teenager, JUUL is cool and harmless. It has a sleek design and resembles a flash drive. Vapes like JUUL, unlike...


FDA Warns JUUL for Claiming Vaping is Safe Despite Health Risks

FDA Sends Warning Letter to JUUL Labs for JUUL marketing On September 9th, 2019 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent a warning letter to JUUL Labs, manufacturer of the popular JUUL vape...

Uber Sexual Assault and Rape Lawyer - Lyft Sexual Assault Rape Lawyer Lyft Faces More Sexual Assault Lawsuits From Levin Simes Abrams

The Recorder ( talked to women-led law firm, Levin Simes Abrams, about their latest rideshare assault cases, of which the firm has received hundreds of claims from victims across the country....

Vape Lawsuit - Juul Lawyer -

Vaping Death after Hundreds Hospitalized for Vape Lung

A resident of Illinois died after being hospitalized for vape lung damage.  State investigators declined to name the victim, but the death follows hundreds of vaping-related hospitalizations for...


Laurel Simes on Press Play with Madeleine Brand to Discuss Lyft Sexual Assaults

Laurel Simes Appears on KCRW to Discuss Lyft Sexual Assaults Levin Simes Abrams partner Laurel Simes appeared on KCRW’s Press Play with Madeleine Brand to discuss recent lawsuits her firm has...

Lyft Sexual Assault Lawyer - Lyft Lawsuit

Vice News: Lyft Facing Sexual Assault Lawsuits From Levin Simes Abrams

Lyft Sexual Assault Lawsuit Vice News has published a new article “Lyft has been flooded with sexual assault lawsuits“, listing the new cases Levin Simes Abrams attorneys have filed on...

Personal Injury Lawyer - Accident Lawyer

Levin Simes Abrams Covered By Bloomberg for Lyft Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Sexual Assault Lawsuit Lyft and Uber have both faced dozens of lawsuits and had hundreds of drivers arrested after sexual assault.  A prior CNN investigation found 100s of drivers accused of sexual...

JUUL Lawsuit and Vape Lawsuit

Eight Teens Hospitalized at One Hospital in One Month From Vaping

Eight Teens Sent To Hospital After Vaping The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin drafted a press release after treating eight different teens in a single month for vaping lung injuries.  The...

Lyft bike accident, Motivate bike accident, Uber Jump bike accident

Lyft Bike Batteries Catch Fire in SF – Lyft Stops Bike Share Program

Lyft Pauses Bike Share After E-Bike Battery Fires Lyft listed all their San Francisco e-bikes as “unavailable to riders” today after two battery fires within a week in San Francisco. ...