By Levin Simes
October 5, 2017

New York Times covers Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Trials

September 28, 2017: The New York Times has a new piece on Johnson and Johnson, baby talcum powder ovarian cancer, and the cases filed around the country by Levin Simes and other law firms. The piece is titled “Risk on All Sides as 4,800 Women Sue Over Johnson’s Baby Powder and Cancer”.

The article gives a good synopsis of where talcum powder litigation is at today: 4,800 cases of ovarian cancer possibly caused by women using talcum powder without knowledge of the risks are now proceeding to trial in courtrooms around the country.  Levin Simes represents many women diagnosed with ovarian cancer after long term use of talcum powder products. These cases are not filed as a class action lawsuit, which combines plaintiffs into one claim, but individual cases that can go to trial separately for separate damages and awards.

“You can’t get to a global settlement until both sides have a really clear sense of the strengths and weaknesses and value of these claims,” said Nora Freeman Engstrom, a professor at Stanford Law School. “And the only way to test that is on the battlefield, which is trial.”

The defendant Johnson & Johnson has lost six of seven cases it has faced at trial, and is appealing the plaintiff verdicts. The company notes it is preparing for additional trials in the U.S. and maintains it will continue to defend Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder.

This is not the first time baby powder has been linked to ovarian cancer in the news. You can read about the Los Angeles Times 1995 article on talcum powder causing ovarian cancer here.

Prior verdicts can be seen at Levin Simes here, here, here, here and here. Our page explaining the long term known potential risks of talcum powder in causing ovarian cancer can be seen here.

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