By Levin Simes
May 21, 2019

Half of JUULs Twitter Followers are Underage Teens

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics used an age-predication algorithm and found that half of JUULs social followers on the site Twitter were underage and could not legally purchase or use the product.

The study used the algorithm to determine and estimate the age of every follower, and determined that 45% of those receiving JUUL tweets as followers were between the ages of 13 and 17.  Every state bars those under 18 from purchasing tobacco and nicotine products such as JUUL. The algorithm also estimated that 4 out of 5 followers were aged 13 to 20, states such as California only allow nicotine and tobacco purchases for those aged 21 and up.

A prior study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that 1 in 4 social retweet or shares of Juul Labs social accounts was by children under the page of 18.  Facing risks to the company and possible banning of the products, Juul Labs now states they are not trying to target adolescents.

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44 to 81% of JUUL social followers are too young to purchase legally

JUUL Illegal Marketing

Juul Labs, the manufacturer of the popular device, is facing lawsuits for improper business practices. These include claims Juul Labs illegally marketed its products to minors, and marketing its vapes as safe even though there is no evidence of decreased addiction and hazardous ingredients. Juul also faces regulatory action as the FDA moves to ban flavored e-cigarette liquids, including JUUL flavor pods.

JUUL Teen Addiction

JUUL faces lawsuits in multiple states for targeting underage smokers, promoting the products including through social media and with the use of young models, and leaving underage teens with severe addictions. These tactics have helped JUUL leap to a majority share of the vaping market, however the FDA and others are pushing back after studies and data show vaping nearly doubled in 2018 alone.

Does Vaping Cause Lung Damage or Gum Disease?

Despite initial hype vaping could deliver nicotine without the same risks as traditional tobacco, studies reviewing the risks of vaping are showing more health risks than were shown by vaping companies promoting the products as safer. Possible risks include:

  • “Popcorn Lung”: Permanent scarring of bronchial tubes, also known as Bronchiolitis Obliterans
  • “Wet Lung”: Respiratory failure and lung scarring, also know as “Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis
  • Explosion Burns: Exploding batteries in vape mods or recalled vuse vibe devices have maimed and killed
  • Vape Gum Disease: Vaping can destroy the gum, which can lead to rotting teeth or tooth death
  • Lung Damage: A study of vaping mice showed similar levels of lung damage leading to COPD vs cigarettes
  • Heart Attack: Vapers suffered double the rate of heart attacks vs those that did not vape.

Vape Lawyers

Levin Simes is investigating claims of lung damage from vape devices, exploding vape batteries, as well as underage addiction from JUUL devices illegal marketed to children. If you or a loved one has been injured, please contact a vape lawyer about investigating a claim at (415) 426-3000 or at

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