By Levin Simes
July 13, 2018

Baby Powder Verdict News: $4 Billion in Damages for 22 Plaintiffs in Talcum Powder Trial

Baby Powder Verdict News

A jury in St. Louis found Johnson & Johnson responsible for the ovarian cancer of 22 women after a Missouri state court trial. The month long trial in St. Louis Circuit Court resulted in a $25 million per plaintiff award for damages, and an additional $4.15 billion in punitive damages against Johnson and Johnson.

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Baby Powder Verdict Formula

The jury arrived at the verdict using a combination of the number of years Johnson and Johnson used talcum powder (talc powder) in their baby formula without a warning, and the revenue derived from the product.

Talc Verdict – J&J to Appeal

The large talc verdict will be appealed, according to Johnson & Johnson.  The plaintiffs all used J&J baby powder or Shower-to-Shower products. All prior cases with verdicts against J&J have been appealed by the company.

Asbestos in Talc

Talc powder can be mined from locations where it contaminated with asbestos, a fiber well known to cause cancers including mesothelioma.

Prior Ovarian Cancer Verdicts

J&J has lost 4 of 5 trials regarding hiding risks of cancer caused by baby powder and Shower-to-Shower products. Prior verdicts include:

Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawyer

If you or a loved one has ovarian cancer after using talcum powder products long term, including Shower-to-Shower or Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder, contact our ovarian cancer lawyers today. We represent many who were diagnosed, or family members of those who passed, regarding the failure to warn consumers of the risk. We can be reached at (415) 426-3000 or

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