By Levin Simes Abrams
November 30, 2017

Asbestos EPA Superfund sites in Fresno California and around the U.S.

Asbestos Superfund Site in Fresno

Asbestos, mined and later abandoned in Fresno County and Coalinga California can and does cause mesothelioma.  As sites become contaminated with asbestos and other dangerous products, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is eventually tasked with planning cleanup.  When a site is heavily contaminated, the EPA may be declared it a “Superfund” site.

In Fresno California multiple areas were declared Superfund sites by the EPA, including mines such as the Atlas mine and the Coalinga Asbestos Mine. This is a map of some of the asbestos cleanup sites in the United States:

There you can learn the timeline of asbestos mining in Coalinga and Fresno county, and the eventual EPA ordered cleanup to reduce exposure in Fresno to mesothelioma causing particles. Levin Simes has represented multiple clients living and working in Coalinga CA, despite the rareness of mesothelioma diagnosis and the small size of the town, due to unnecessary exposures and contaminated land.

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