By Levin Simes
May 3, 2016

$55 Million Verdict in Ovarian Cancer Baby Powder Lawsuit

May 2nd, 2016 (Missouri State Court): Jurors found Johnson & Johnson liable for its baby powder product causing ovarian cancer and reached a $55 million verdict against J&J.  The lawsuit was brought by Gloria Restesund of Missouri, a woman who had used J&J’s talcum products powder products (Baby Powder, Shower to Shower) for 40 years and who later developed ovarian cancer as a result.

During the 40 years in which Ms. Restesund used J&J’s product, multiple studies  linked the use of talcum powder as a potential cause of ovarian cancer.  J&J was aware of these studies, but failed to place any warnings on its products.  As a result, Gloria developed ovarian cancer, which was treated with a hysterectomy and surgery and is currently in remission.

After a day of deliberations following a multi-week trial, the jurors returned an award of $5 million in compensatory damages and an additional $50 million in punitive damages against Johnson & Johnson. This is the second verdict against Johnson & Johnson.  Another jury had previously found J&J liable for $72 million in a wrongful death case of baby powder causing ovarian cancer.

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